Prayers from African Americans in History

Beliefnet presents a gallery of prayers from people in African-American history such as Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, W.E.B DuBois and more.


02/21/2011 02:29:37 PM

It was God! Hatred whether it be toward ourselves or from others is not Godly. Jesus was and still is love :-)


02/18/2011 08:40:05 AM

I comment is to Quesadilla, i would like to know where did you see the statement the black people prayers are special. I didn't see that listed. I think this section was dedicated because its Black history month. Do you have a problem with seeing prayers of black people. I sense a spirit of hatred in you.


02/04/2011 12:36:50 AM

First of all, the coined phrase is "Black History Month." Second, there are a hecka lot more blacks than just so-called African-Americans. Third, it's racist, and fourth, what is so special about the prayers of black people? What -- are they somehow more effective than the prayers of people of any other skin color? You guys are pathetic for buying into this racist load of crap.


02/04/2009 10:08:50 AM

could i be enlighten of some of the things that the childrens of slaves did to enjoy life, if they could find enjoyment at such a dark time in their young lives.