How to Pray for Barack Obama

Max Lucado offers four simple ways to pray for president-elect Barack Obama.


10/30/2010 07:22:55 AM

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08/05/2009 08:12:12 PM

Praying for our president is the change we really need:


06/27/2009 08:42:43 AM

Father God in heaven, I ask You to cover my brother Barack Obama and his family with the Blood of Jesus. Put a hedge of protection around this family, in Jesus Name. Convict my brother of those things that are not of You, in Jesus Name. I curse the devil and all demonic spirits that are trying to come against my brother and his family, in Jesus Mighty Name. Quicken... them according to thy word, in Jesus Name. For thy living word brings life to all who believe, in Jesus Name. For He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world. The Lord is our light and our salvation, whom shall we fear? (NO-ONE) God's perfect Love cast out all fear, in Jesus Name. "Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit," says the Lord of host. For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. Thank You, Father for what You are doing in my brother Obama and his family's life, I ask You to continue to Bless my brother and his family while he is in office as President of the United States. All will see Your Mighty Hand at work in his/their life. Praise God, Jesus


05/01/2009 07:33:45 PM

In my prayers, I go to Almighty God Allah, through the person of the Master Fard Muhammad and ask my Lord,my God,my sweet,loving merciful forgivingfather to protect President Barack Obama,Frist Lady Michelle Obama as well as their two beautiful daughters from all of the devils that I know wish them harm. They are truly surrounded with evil and by evil,but with Allah's blessing and protection,no one can nor will do them harm. I love you Mr. President Barack Obama and I will always keep you and your family in my prayers. WITH ALLAH,NO MAN CAN DO YOU HARM.


04/25/2009 12:16:46 PM

I do pray for the President. I pray that God takes him to a place where his heart is changed, even if that means he hits rock bottom. I pray that his policies fail becaue they are ungodly. He is a man that says he is a Christian yet condones abortion, the slaughter of gods unborn children. Being a Christian means honoring God in all you do and that means Obama should honor God at home and at work. I pray that Obama finds God.


02/13/2009 12:09:04 PM

My prayer for President Obama is that he keep his remarkable sense of humor. It is a sign of grace that will help him keep his sense of proportion no matter how dire the situation.


02/01/2009 05:50:42 AM

A wonderful prayer for President Barack Obama by Max Lucado. Prez Obama deserves our prayers for directions of how to lead in these United States and the world at large. Great power comes with great responsibility; I will always remember him and the nation in my thoughts and prayers.


01/24/2009 12:24:56 AM

This was absolutely excellent. I adore Max Lucado, and to have his words on President Obama who I have supported since his speech at the convention in 2002, inspires me, and gives me faith that with many of us praying for him, he will be protected.


01/23/2009 02:38:31 AM

For a believer, prayer for our leaders is at the heart of participatory government. We forfeit the right to criticize our leaders if we have not prayed for them. I was among those who did not vote for Barack Obama because I was concerned about his lack of experience in political leadership. Now that he is our President, I believe he needs and deserves my earnest prayers and I pray that God will freely give him wisdom and direction, as well as protection for his family.


01/21/2009 07:57:13 AM

Thank you God of ALL believers. May the Holy Spirit descend upon this man and his family, and upon this whole universe, that we might ALL work together for the good of ALL people, all nations, and all of America. WE are the worker bees, the apostles if you may, and we MUST not fail the President in giving him the help he has always asked us for.


01/14/2009 12:21:03 PM

Those prayers are definitely needed prayers. The one about wisdom you offered I would like to address the following part. "But if any of you needs wisdom, you should ask God for it. He is generous and enjoys giving to all people, so he will give you wisdom" (James 1:5). Solomon prayed for wisdom that he be able to lead the people, and was granted it, but something we do not see is how he obtained it. He tells us in Ecclesiastes 1:13-3:13. First of all, he implies he had to set it in his heart to experience both good and evil, which would include the laws of nature and the laws of civilization (Isaiah 7:15, eating honey and butter) with the intent of understanding life and its purpose. He implies we must see that good and evil do not exist for they each has a time and season to fulfill their purposes so ordained by what we call god. It has been my findings in following the example put to us by Solomon and required of Yeshua we call Jesus (Isaiah 7:14-16), we must even forsake the concept of god and devil [abhorred death's 2 kings (Isa. 1:16)] before eternal wisdom can be obtained. In that light, I believe we should pray for the manifestation of the second christ to shoulder this government (Isa. 9:6) which is attempting to rule the whole world. The Bible suggests he is to come from this nation. Go to Genesis 49:1&8-12 we find a description of the "end time praised nation", Judah. It is a nation all of its leader's ethnic (brethren) praise, it uses economic sanctions against its enemies (hand in the neck), most nations (father's children) shall bow to it,. It is a young nation and offspring of Great Britain (lion's whelp) acting as a nation of antiquity and because of her nuclear weapons on ICBM (Zech. 5:1-4) no nation will arouse it to anger as it makes the laws (sceptre) for other nations while walking on the same laws (lawgiver between his feet) until Shiloh (ha'meshiach II, or the second christ) comes. As I have interpreted, that is the United States of America, and all of those things are happening here including sodomizing as a way of life, and it has enslaved. How will we know him? According to Isaiah (52:13-53:12), the first thing to happen to Elijah is to be exalted, extolled and made very high via the media. It indicates his ā€œvisage [appearance] was so marred [changed] more than any man, and his form [of living] more than the sons of [any man]ā€. He is to sprinkle many nations [via internet & media], those sitting in judgment cannot say anything about what he has to say because they will see what they had never seen and hear what they had never considered before. Still, none will believe his report. Thus, he will have an OBE (out of body experience), with his body being in the earth for the 72 hours, before he receives his powers to become the world's leader.


01/14/2009 03:59:47 AM

Thank you for these wonderful prayers for our new leader and his family! We might also pray the prayer of Jabez for him and our country!