Ten Quick Ways to Pray

Do you struggle to find time to pray during your hectic daily life?


09/06/2011 10:07:40 AM

We all need to make time for GOD. Because without him we are nothing. We need to follow & praise him any chance that we get, I know I have been neglected my responsiblities lately. I am ashamed I like this posting. THERE IS ALWAYS TIME FOR PRAYER< ALWAYS!!!!


03/25/2010 12:13:15 PM

Thank you for this wonderful article. It was full of creative ideas that we can use in everyday life (no matter how busy we are). I always pray and thank the Lord for my many blessings while driving. There were many great ideas in this article & I plan on trying them, especially the "alarm clock prayer" and the lunch box idea was precious! Thank you for sharing these with us. God Bless & Take Care!


07/31/2009 09:57:38 AM

What do you define as prayer? I thank the ALMIGHTY in CHRIST's name for allowing me to get up in the morning. I thank him for being able to have a job and work. I thank him for the quiet we have at home. I thank him for family and my health. I ask for forgiveness for mistakes made in the past. If these areas are considered as prayer, then I try and pray everyday.


06/23/2009 02:21:08 PM

Loved the article and will definitely try the "shower power "and "fast for a minite" sugestions. I tend to pray - or rather thank God - while watching my daughter play, as well as during the quiet minutes when she falls asleep at night...


06/17/2009 09:22:03 AM

Every time I drive, I pray....in thanksgiving mostly. I'm always in need it seems. So I beg for guidance, creativity, knowledge. Sounds trite maybe, but I appreciate any help I can receive -- divine, if possible.