Neopagans vs. the Recons

Although commonly referred to as 'Pagans,' Reconstructionists object to associations with Wicca and other Neopagan religions.

The word 'pagan' used as an umbrella term to include Wicca, Witchcraft, and other earth-based or goddess-centered traditions--as well as Asatru, Kemetic religions, and other Reconstructionist faiths is a heated point of contention in the Beliefnet community. On this issue we defer to the wisdom of our users, and ultimately agree in spirit with this rhetorical question: "Would B-net really be as entertaining if no one ever argued?"

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"I'm not a hippy"

"'Pagan' is usually associated with Wicca these days. Wicca (current popular Wicca, at least) is further away from my religion that Christianity, to be blunt.... and the perception of Wicca foisted on the general public (by groups of Wiccans) is of an ancient God/Goddess worshipping hippy sect.... I don't worship a god and goddess, I'm not a hippy, I'm not a political subversive, and I'm not part of any counter-cultural movement. I refuse to be associated with such because some people think we're all 'branches of the same tree.' We're not. We're not even the same *kind* of tree. #%@!, we're not even in the same forest, most of the time."


"Well, Eric, I'm not a 'hippy' either, I'm not a political subversive (my co-priestess is a Republican), and I'm not part of a counter-cultural movement, either. Oh, and I'm also a WICCAN. I suggest you stop buying into stereotypes. I mean, if this is how you've decided all Pagans are, then you've decided to despise the term based on a caricature."

Common Stereotypes

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