Who Are the Asatruar?

It's hard to stereotype us, except that we try to be true to the Aesir.

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Some other Asatru periodicals:

  • ASA FOLK - Published 4 times a year by the Utah Asatru Kindreds. Subscriptions are $10 for a year. Send to: The Eagle's Kindred, PO Box 521737, Salt Lake City, UT 84152-1737.

  • IDUNNA - Published quarterly by The Troth. Subscriptions $20 in U.S., $24 elsewhere. Write to: The Troth, Box 472, Berkeley, CA 94701.

  • LINA - The quarterly journal of Frigga's Web. Subscriptions $20 annually (U.S. & Canada) payable to Frigga's Web. Frigga's Web, PO Box 721554 Oklahoma City, OK 73172-1554.
  • MARKLANDER - Published by The Markland Asatru Assembly, PO Box 398118, Cambridge, MA 02139-0039. Subscriptions $10 a year (payable to L. Miller).

  • OR BRIEFING - PO Box 2022, Sandusky, OH 44871. The Voice of the Odonic Rite. Subscriptions $20 a year for nonmembers, payable to Odonic Rite Vinland.

  • VOR TRU - The Journal of the Asatru Alliance. $26 for a 4 issue subscription. Vor Tru, PO Box 961, Payson, AZ 85547.

  • YGGDRASIL - Quarterly Heathen Journal. Subscriptions $10 in U.S., $13 elsewhere. Make all checks payable to: Freya's Folk, PMB 165, 537 Jones St. San Francisco, CA 94102.

    After you have been reading up on Asatru for a while, you will surely come to know that yes, indeed, Asatru is different. But maybe it is a difference you will enjoy. You may even find that Asatru is the right spiritual path for you. If you do feel that way, please consider joining one of the national Asatru groups. It really helps us all when we are united.

    Suppose you find you don't much care for Asatru? Suppose you'd rather be a Druid or get into Voudon? Well, good for you! We Asatru don't believe that there is One True Religion for Everybody, any more than other Pagans do. The knowledge you gained in studying Asatru will certainly prove helpful to you--no knowledge is without value.

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