Who Are the Asatruar?

It's hard to stereotype us, except that we try to be true to the Aesir.


06/21/2009 05:27:31 PM

Six years ago I discovered Asatru, it was a turning point in my life. I started reading about it and i felt my roots calling me more and more. I live in a country that doesn't have an Asatru organization, thinking of it i think I might be the only one in my town with this faith. I would like to know if there is an international organization where i can register


09/20/2006 08:29:11 AM

I am Hispanic and I was very concerned about encountering racism, but that was unfounded. Although I decided to not become an Asatruar 'officially' I did derive much benefit from studying it. It helped me connect to the very deep layers of my European ancestry, I received gifts from my European mothers and ancestors (the Disir) in dreams, and I will always honor Odin for what he taught me and gave me. Asatru should really be seen a nature, Earth religion these days. Ecological concerns are the moral imperative of our generation.


07/20/2005 08:15:47 PM

Um, GreenWizard, do you really not understand the way the genitive case works in Old Norse? Asatruar is correct. It means, essentially, of [those] true to the Aesir.


07/20/2005 10:44:51 AM

Apparently no one else has noticed that the term 'Asatruar' is wrong. It simply means Asatru of Asatru in Old Norse. I really wish people would stop using it to describe the Asatru among us! Sorry, Nissa, nice article though.


06/23/2005 12:30:21 AM

howdy, while i agree that this article is not perfect, what article is? i'm really pleased to see it. even though it's dated from five and a half years ago for it's original publication, and four years ago for it's Beliefnet posting, it's still a nice simplified overview. and it's mighty, mighty cool to see Bnet ponying up with some Heathen content. even if that content is in an introduction form, it's still mighty fine. in firth, Crowfuzz


12/01/2004 02:34:25 PM

P.S. I wouldn't be too critical for it being a simple article. Sometimes that's all you need. This would be a perfect reference for example to show my son's teacher, or a relative that was concerned I was associating with some kind of racist cult. Right now I'm trying to research information on different religions for a group of K-3rd graders and there's VERY little out there on explaining faiths simply--especially minority ones like Wicca and Asatru.


12/01/2004 02:28:34 PM

"Asatru is a religion. it is not a "tradition" of anything bigger. it is not a "pagan tradition" or "path," it is a faith in and of itself." I use the term "tradition" because of just what the author said about not believing in One True Religion. No wars were ever fought over someone's 'tradition'. Not trying to necessarily change your opinion, just pointing out that not everyone who uses the terms path or tradition assumes that means it's a sub-division of some other faith. For example: When out with a friend of mine I struck up a conversation with another pagan who asked my friend what tradition he was. He was confused, so I answered for him, "Judeo-Christian".


11/21/2003 01:25:01 AM

Don't forget Brannogenos, that the swastika symbol is also African.If I correctly recall it is used in the central area of Africa..my geography could be off.So here is a symbol that is used by Europeans,Hindu(Indians),Africans and are there anymore out there?Though I doubt that the northern European people were using it before the Indo-Europeans? Kinda like putting the cart before the horse isn't it? Respectfully, I feel it does have definate origins..it does not mean however that the symbol did not develop independently or interdependently of the varying cultures. I'm not an Aseir..but I take offense to the "we aren't wiccan" stance..we know...it's okay,really.I'm not Wiccan either...but if it weren't for my ex-boyfriend who was ..I wouldn't even have known this was an option...and I do know Gay/Straight-Feminist , Chauvinist Witch's and Wiccans..they come in all shapes and colors and Opinions..I know I argue with most of them.


12/19/2002 06:29:02 PM

"Terrific article. I'm glad our Asatru siblings are getting a chance to educate us on their beliefs." we are not your siblings, do not claim that we are. "(And we DON'T trace our religon back to Gardner. We trace it back to Shamanism, the first religion of the human race.)" what are you talking about? shamanism has never been a religion in and of itself, it is a PRACTICE that is connected religiously that SOME certain people practiced within ancient societies. and secondly, Wicca does not trace it's roots to shamanism. some Wiccans might practice shamanism, but Wicca itself is a modern creation that pulls SOME inspiration from ancient sources. there isn't enough of a connection between Wicca and shamanism to make such a ridiculous claim. (cont.)


12/19/2002 06:28:31 PM

"The best way to learn about the Runes etc. it to use them." well, the Sagas would disagree with you. in Egil's Saga there is a part where Egil comes across someone who is suffering even after someone tried to put a rune charm on them to heal them; Egil notices that the person who did the runes screwed up on them and he then had to correct them before the person could get better. the runes aren't to played around with like tawdry baubles. (cont.)


12/19/2002 06:26:16 PM

"the Asatru tradition" Asatru is a religion. it is not a "tradition" of anything bigger. it is not a "pagan tradition" or "path," it is a faith in and of itself. "Especially not when I am a flawed and ordinary human." this seems like fairly christian thinking to me. not meant as a slight, just tellin the truth. "What color, background, and lifestyle you are/aren't is only a societal constraint not a spiritual one." then i guess what you don't understand about our faith is that it is an ethnic/cultural faith. the faith can't be fully understood, appreciated, or taken part in unless one also makes the effort to adopt and live the culture. this isn't to say that people of other backgrounds can't become germanic heathens, but to do so would be to also adopt our cultural norms. Farr Heill, Tony 16/38


10/15/2002 05:52:43 PM

I think that the introductory article that Nissa Annakindt has written is very good. From reading it, I don't believe as if she is saying that Asatru is any better than any other religion. Just that she is trying to dispurse a common confusion that Asatru is somehow, related to Wicca. I personally think that the Nazi where sick, genocidical scum. Though they played a part in history, that is all it is now History. Whom are we to think we know whom the Gods/Goddesses call to Asatru. That is between them and the individual. I don't dain to think I know what the Aesir and Vanir think or whom they should choose. Especially not when I am a flawed and ordinary human. What color, background, and lifestyle you are/aren't is only a societal constraint not a spiritual one. Do what you wish to do. Learn what you want, if it doesn't work for you then don't believe in it.


05/03/2002 04:47:55 PM

Sidmartha...well then glad you've been enlightened!


04/20/2002 11:27:55 PM

"And it is true that alot of nazis uses asatru to judgify their ideas." Not correct. Hitler himself said: "It seems to me that nothing would be more foolish than to reestablish the worshipof Odin. Our old mythology had ceased to be viable when Christianity implanted itself. Nothing dies unless it is moribund. " (Adolf Hitler, in _Bormann-Vermerke_ (transcribed by Martin Bormann), reprinted as_Hitler's Secret Conversations 1941-1944_ (H.R. Trevor-Roper, Trans.), New York:Farrar, Straus & Young, 1953, pages #48-51.) And while Himmler was facinated with the occult, and ancient German symbols, he was less than impressed with Asatru. In fact the runester Marby was thrown in a concentration camp. As to the article, it is not bad. But it does not go into enough depth on the subject to really teach folks anything. Welga! Swain


03/26/2002 12:21:08 AM

Denning, if Hitler was a personal friend of Wagner, then he was a practicing spiritualist. Wagner died in 1883, six years before Hitler was born.


01/16/2002 11:36:35 AM

well congratulations, brainiac (aka legionxiii). but since 99% of the population probably doesn't know the Asatru tradition even exists, I think it's a very helpful article. glad I found it.


12/11/2001 04:11:32 PM

Well, I was basically unimpressed with this article. It didn't tell me anything I didn't already know.


10/11/2001 01:44:01 PM

Hmmm... I have to say that I didn't feel that she was putting down Wiccans or saying that Wiccans are inferior. Perhaps her wording could have been better, but I just don't feel that the intent was there. No, I do not call myself a Wiccan or a Witch, but I have studied the path. As far as the article goes, I currently am finding an interest in Norse Paganism (I say Norse, not Germanic, because I am more interested in the customs and beliefs of the Norse - my ancestry lies in Norway, hence my interest in being specific.) I don't think that the article truly gave a good summary of the beliefs of the Asatru. It left me still wondering what exactly they believe and how do they practice. A little too watered down for my taste... Divine blessings to all! Tiger's Eye


10/09/2001 09:26:46 PM

Hard to believe that not so long ago one would have been burned at the stake for discussing the distinction between Asatru (sp?) and Witch... I personally hold the belief that the Runes are like the Tarot- one must find a personal meaning for the symbol. Only then will it resonate with the user to become effective. The best way to learn about the Runes etc. it to use them. Gods I'm glad we can say things out in the open like this! Love to everyone who makes it possible!


10/07/2001 03:02:09 PM

I dont apprieciate how Nissa Annakindt refers to Wiccans as something not worth looking at. We do not trace our roots back to Gerald Gardener, he only revived many ideas on how to practice Wicca. (I myself do not use the term wiccan or wicca, Im a witch) other than that... well written, I dont know that much about Asatru, and this article didnt really enlighten me either.


08/17/2001 03:02:59 PM

I live in Norway and have heard those myths all my life, and read ALOT about it later, and the ONLY thing this artical says that is remotly reconisable is about the runes (and misspelled names). And it is true that alot of nazis uses asatru to judgify their ideas.


08/02/2001 10:33:29 AM

Hail folks! Well lets see what we can say of Nissa Annakindt's article. It's not bad, but I would point some details that I consider to be incorrect. "We worship the ancient Gods of the Germanic people of Northen Europe: Freya, Thor..." These Gods are not just Norse, they were common to most (if not all) pre-Christian Germanic tribes, so its not a Norse paganism thing, rather it's Germanic paganism if you want to be more precise. That's why some of us (myself included) prefer to use the term "Heathen" rather than "Asatru": it refers to a Germanic pantheon, not a simply Norse one. "We have a Bible". If you say Bible people will understand that we have a written authority to be understood as dogma and a sort of "word of God", which the Eddas and other writings are not: they are sources which we use to rebuilt an ancient religion, not any form of revealed truth! The rest of the article is generaly well, some details here and there, but no big deal. Wassail!


06/22/2001 06:31:07 PM

I don't like the way Nissa Annakindt roughly compares the Asatruar to the Wicca in "Who Are the Asatruar?". She writes the comparisons as though the Wicca are inferior. The Wicca don't have any problems against the Asatruar, so maybe the Asatruar (like Nissa seems to be) are fed up with being incorrectly referred to as Wiccans or compared with them? I'm sorry that these mistakes had to happen to cause such a bad reaction towards Wiccans. (And we DON'T trace our religon back to Gardner. We trace it back to Shamanism, the first religion of the human race.) Thanks. -Fallon


06/19/2001 05:25:40 PM

Hail the Truth!! It's nice to see someone blatantly say that most of the stuff out there on the Runes is garbage.


06/03/2001 12:40:32 AM

Sorry, that would be "Asatru", not "Astaru"


06/03/2001 12:37:58 AM

I find it kind of ironic that while the Nazis were shutting down Fahrenkrog, Hitler was a personal friend of Wagner and his Ring cycle. Perhaps they weren't trying to suppress the Astaru so much as promoted opera?


05/17/2001 09:46:22 AM

Hail, Nissa Annakindt, for getting their attention!


05/15/2001 02:36:43 PM

By Thor I think they've got it! Thanks B-Net. We need more articles like this!


05/11/2001 02:20:00 PM

Terrific article. I'm glad our Asatru siblings are getting a chance to educate us on their beliefs.


05/10/2001 03:48:42 PM

Great info! Another great rune book is "The Runic Workbook" by Tony Willis.


05/10/2001 07:23:27 AM

Love it Love it Love it!!! Thanks Bnet for all the sourses! Hugs to all my buddies as well!


05/09/2001 11:50:56 PM

The History stuff... The modern people of India for the most part are Indo-European, and so are the Germanic peoples (and others, Balts, Slavs etc), and they have common origins most likely near the modern Ukraine and north of the Black Sea... so it makes sense that they might both use the same symbol. Though I think people in northern Europe might have been using Swastikas before the IE peoples came. The Swastika type symbol is common among many peoples, and has no definite origins amongany speicific group, its found both in the Old World and the New.


05/09/2001 11:14:25 PM

Well, according to the indo-european thoery, they all came from india in prehistoric times anyway, so who knows how long the symbol has been used by any one culture...


05/09/2001 10:36:00 PM

Very nice informative article, however, isn't the inverted swastika-like symbol Hindu in origin? If this is in fact so, then why would the Asatru (or early followers of Asatru) adopt it as their symbol? Please clarify.


05/09/2001 09:23:01 PM

It's a wee difficult to discover a land that has been inhabited for thousands and thousands of years, no? -Johann.


05/09/2001 06:15:30 PM

Wow. I am quite impressed, as I haven't seen an article in the Earth-based section that pertained to me yet. Nice article, and hopefully a few people might take notice and learn something new. Hejda, -Johann.


05/09/2001 03:23:41 AM

yeah, this is wonderful, finally an article that doesn't deal with Wicca, but an article that deals with Asatru. And a good article too, not just a defense against those who think that Asatru has something to do with racism (which it doesn't), but one that deals a little with the Lore and the basic beliefsystem of Asatru. Keep it up, Bnet, we need more of this!