12/09/2011 07:41:53 AM

I am a member of the Nation of Islam! Truth mixed with Falsehood is a deadly poison! There had been muslims in America since the country started! Yet! They did not care for Us! The one time slaves of America! Why? because they supportted and condoned slavery! In Fact!Slavery still exist today 2011 in muslim countries! Only Allah makes muslims! So when we were being treated like animals in the streets and in the courts of America! Allah appeared! In the ghetto of Detroit! The beginning of the Nation of Islam! Foreign Muslims! Corrupt Muslims! were against Us! Sincere Muslims supported Us! The Prophet! (PBUH) fobade on his death bed! That the Ummah should split! what happened? The Hypocrites split the Ummah! There is but One! Nation of Islam! without division! and Allah started it! Allah warned if you did not worship him as he should be worshipped! Allah would put other believers in your place! The world will be cleansed of this false doctrine they call Islam! Terrorist! There is no such practice in Islam! Slavery! Allah said it is better that you don't do it! but the hypocrites continue! In fact millions of my people were sold into slavery by Arabs! who pretended to be muslims! and some of those people sold were really Muslims! These foreign muslims here now still don't respect Us! They don't even Salam Us! and I won't tell you how I was treated in one of their Mosque during Jumah Prayer! Shameful I will never attend again! Hypocrites! where is the love? Peace!


12/08/2011 06:33:12 AM

SubmissiveWill, Assalamu Alaikum... You are wrong in reference to Br Malcolm. They are right that his transformation began. When he actually took the Hajj. Yes he indeed made several trips to Africa and Arabia. But the actual Hajj began his transformation to orthodox Islam.


12/08/2011 04:35:25 AM

Peace, Thank you for the article! However, you have a few things wrong. "By turning racist ideas around to oppose whites.." None of what the Nation of Islam teach are racist ideas, but merely pointed out the history of whites not just in America but all around the world. A fact is not an idea. "the ancient tribe of Shabazz that had originally settled the holy city of Mecca..." No, the tribe of Shabbaz were part of the original people that inhabited Mecca, and settled in what is now called Africa. "Malcolm X then went on a pilgrimage to Mecca. where he saw people of every race worshiping side by side, and he became convinced of the hopelessness of racism." No sir, Malcolm X did not visit Mecca for the first time after being relieved from the Nation of Islam. This was his second visit, and everything he saw on his first visit was what he saw after he went the second time. Mecca and Hajj was not new to him, therefore to say that this was what got him to believe otherwise is absolutely false. "Fard wrote two manuals that are now the basic documents of the movement: The Secret Ritual of the Nation of Islam and Teaching for the Lost Found Nation of Islam in a Mathematical Way." I don't know where you got these manuals from Sir or Mam, but our sacred (not so secret) Text is the Holy Quran. "The organization's publication Muhammad Speaks, now called the Balalian News, also instructs believers." Balal...what? It's called The Final Call Newspaper under the Guidance of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Thank you for trying to instructs the Muslim World of our presence, however, to be fair put a link such as and so people can learn for themselves. Not very accurate but good try. Peace!