04/28/2010 01:39:08 PM

For all the disillusioned black folks who are ignorantly following Farrakhan: Just who do you think Farrakhan is? You warn others not to talk about this "righteous" man. And ignorantly issue statements denying his involvement in Malcolm X's murder. How do you know Farrakhan is innocent? Common sense show's that from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, and there is no justification for the hateful, mean, inconsiderate statements Elijah Muhammad and Farrakhan made publicly about Malcolm X. The firebombing of Malcolm's home while he and his family slept shows me the true heart of these men and it ain't nothing righteous about firebombing a house with your fellow black Muslims in it, and then inciting violence against this man publicly. In my opinion, Elijah Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan are hypocritical and envious creatures who used Islam and black people for their own selfish ambitions. I will never respect Farrakhan, and I have an even lower respect for Elijah. Malcolm X however is a man I have the deepest respect and admiration for. If these evil men had not assasinated him, imagine the progress that could have been made for black people under his leadership. How many so called men of God actually live what they preach? The lesson in this is to never exalt ANY man, never put your complete trust into any man, as they will fail you everytime. Trust in God, and exalt only God, for He alone is worthy of the praise many gave to these Muslim leaders. Power corrupts and absolute power, absolutely corrupts. Elijah was poweful and CORRUPT, hence his 19 children, some legitimate, most illegitimate. Malcolm himself said this secret was the reason he was silenced by the Nation and then relentlessly tormented by them as well.


01/14/2010 07:23:48 PM

Minister Farrakhan was well aware of the fact that they were members of the Nation Of Islam who would take his remarks about Malcolm X being worthy of death to heart and interpret his statement as an order to kill Malcolm. He utilized his power of manipulation to get his desired results. It's like when one of your friends try to manipulate you into loaning them money buy dropping hints about the hard times they are having, expecting you to offer to lend them money instead of just coming out and asking you for a loan. It is like he said, I did not give a direct order for someone to murder Malcolm but he created an atmosphere to facilitate the murder. He was still speaking negatively about Malcolm in the 90's. Minister Farrakhan might be a lot of things but a fool is not one of them. There is no statue of limitations on the crime of murder, so he would have to be stark raving mad to tell anyone that he ordered the murder of Malcolm X. In the Mike Wallace interview he said that he truly loved Malcolm and carried his picture after his death when in fact he truly loved and wanted to be in the position Malcolm was in prior to leaving the Nation of Islam, heir apparent to the top spot. Jealousy and envy were the motivating factors in the murder of Malcolm. If Farrakhan could have anticipated the split after the death of Elijah there is a strong possibility that Wallace would have had some type of accident. Anyone or anything that stood in the way of Farrakhan's ambition had to be removed. Motive: to succeed Elijah Muhammad as the leader of the Nation Of Islam Opportunity: Wherever Malcolm was to speak Method: Manipulation of fanatical members of the Nation Of Islam May Allah be merciful and forgiving to Minister Farrakhan for his role in the murder of Malcolm X.

Nubian princess

02/09/2008 02:14:36 PM

I am too young to have been there, to witness what actually happened. Yet I cannot bring myself to believe that Minister Louis Farrakhan had anything to do with the death of the late Minister Malcolm X. Malcolm X believed in "By any means Necessary". This is not the belief of the Nation of Islam--If you live by the sword, you will surely die by it also. I admire Farrakhan, for speaking up for us, and other races that are not in harmony. Mrs. Dickerson, you should be using this great talent you have for writing, to project the positive messages of both Ministers, instead of destroying it, with brainwashed ideas, and no real facts. Do you have any idea what Islam means ? I can assure it does not contain jealousy and murder. Without the proper knowledge, you cannot possibly have true understanding. You are a fabulous writer, but you are wrong about Farrakhan, please research more before you tear down the name of a great man who is only trying to help all races.Think about it.


10/04/2007 11:29:44 AM

It is literally amazing to me, how willing people are to infect the public with their own biases, without having done an atom's weight of actual research. I feel for you, Mrs. Dickerson, because you will have to answer to God for the evil that you have participated in, by repeating and perpetuating a false accusation against a righteous man. May God have Mercy on you.


06/02/2007 04:34:20 PM

Farrakhan never admitted to killing Malcolm.I am a follower of Farrakhan and I believe what he speaks is the truth.Everybody wants to get on a black mans case when he speaks up for black people.You all should stop listening to what the news and other people say about him and go and listen to his lectures and gets the facts straight!!!!


05/07/2006 10:34:05 AM

"Life and death are in the power of the tongue." At the time of Min. Malcolm's assasination, Mr. Farakahan was in his youth. Our views and ways to express those beliefs mature with age,usually relaxing from the combative confrontive path to being more diplomatic and understanding.The apology may appear feeble to some, but it's evidence of a human being who has matured in his understanding in contrast white racists who are still poisoning the minds of youth and doing far worse. The fact Farrakhan is putting out olive branches in all directions is sign of wisdom since it's futile and foolish to expect masses of any ethnic group to be removed. It's too bad many white supremacists aren't apologizing to the generations of human families their evil speaking and evil doing has hurt. I do feel for the Shabazz family. Those of us outside the event should stand where Ms. Attallah Shabazz and her family stand towards Mr. Farrakhan, in Light of God's forgiveness and good will for an apologizing sinner.


02/09/2005 02:39:08 PM

Get off Minister Farrakhan's case! The whole Christian religion centers on believing Paul, the Christian hater, hallucinated his way into God's grace. Check out Minister Farrakhan's analysis of current events: domestic and international. Check out his foundation for the treatment of prostate cancer. And I'm Unitarian. I enjoyed going to Founder's Day last spring and I'll do it again.


05/29/2004 01:06:03 PM

i think Debra Dickerson has hit the nail on the head! louis farrakhan never had the impact on blacks that Malcom X did and i believe it eats him up. Brother Malcom is a folk hero among blacks in America and around the world. louis farrakhan is not an honnorable man. Malcom became an honnorable man because of his religon and his intellect. he is one of my hero's and for the record i feel that farrakhan is an intellectual jackass!!!!!!! i saw the 60s minutes interview a few summers ago and why is it farrakhan can never give a STRAIGHT ANSWER! i feel that many progressives have given farrakhan a free pass,and collect 200.00 and get out of jail for free. simply because he is a black leader and like his anti american rhetoric. its said when critical thinkers have a double standard.


02/18/2004 04:30:21 PM

Life is a work in progress. No one should be stigmatized for their past misdeeds. God is fair and He allows us to correct ourselves. It takes alot of energy to stay angry at someone. People who were offended by Minister Farrakhan's remarks in the past should realise that he has grown and matured. Just study his words. Again, some persons are unable to shed their dislike of him, and that's okay. God has given him more prominence in this world than a whole lot of other people. He will be mentioned in world history while people like you and me will be forgotten on the world's stage. Let pray that our last acts are the most noble and lasting that we can accomplish in life.


11/05/2003 12:38:03 AM

Forgiveness is fine and is indeed a permanent attitude, however... ...if the person you forgive does not ask for forgiveness you will never be able to normalise relations with them. If the same person makes a half hearted attempt to seek forgiveness it can make matters even worse. Forgiveness is important for one's own health but if it is not accepted it is communually useless.


07/17/2003 05:30:42 PM

Debra Dickerson's opinion of the whole Farrakhan, Malcolm X situation proves that it doesnt matter how much education or accomplishments a person may have, its the love and forgiveness in your heart that makes you a great person!!! I have a quote from the great Martin Luther King Jr. that I really hope gets to her. It goes something like this: We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies. Forgiveness is not an occasionall act, it is a permanent attitude. Nuff said!


05/03/2003 11:17:00 AM

Part 3 He was brilliant. But sometimes we fall, or turn away from truth, for whatever reasons we have. Speaking of cultism, Jesus was accused of the same things. But the accusations didn't stop his upward movement. As it is today, our Brother is being raised, in spite of persecution. SEE his good works, and glorify his/our Father, who is in the heavens. As to the difference in the teachings of Islam, orthodox/Nation of Islam. Look at the world today. Who are we bowing to? Allah(God)? Or are we bowing to America? Who do we fear? Allah(God)? Or is it America? PEACE


05/03/2003 11:15:49 AM

Part 2 You should really search your heart, and find the real reason that you try to smear our Brother. Listen to him, go over his tapes, follow his movements. Moses, Prophet Muhammad, Jesus,(PBUT) and Elijah Muhammad, all, taught unity. Unity by way of the teachings of Allah (God). As to the hardships that Malcolm went through, so did the Messenger and his family. So did our Brother, Minister Farrakhan and his family. Why is it that we don't Listen? Malcolm changed his name to Malik El- Shabazz. But we still call him Malcolm-X. Is it that he had the most profound impact on the world while under that name? Who taught him? Who raised him, with the help of Allah (God)? Malcolm knew that there were whites in Islam before his separation from the Nation. That was no new discovery. I had the privilege of meeting Malcolm, in Durham, NC. I was a teen-ager. Continued:


05/03/2003 11:14:02 AM

Part 1: Ms./ Mrs. Dickerson, I've read your article, and I forgive you your put down of MLF, as I'm sure he does. As was stated in Malcolm's auto-biography, there was a list that was to be read by him on the night of his assassination, revealing the ones that were responsible for his death. Howard U., each year, for several years, showed, in a documentary, the actual government plants that surrounded Malcolm. They even testified of their betrayal of Malcolm. One was in tears. They testified to being a part of the conspiracy to kill Malcolm. Malcolm, in the auto-biography, spoke of an olive skinned man that followed him everywhere he went. It was said that, that man was present on the night of the assassination, and that it was suspected that he removed the info from Malcolm's pocket that told of the ones that were trying to take his life. I don't think that you have done your homework. Continued:


11/04/2002 02:27:04 PM

from sister to sister... i give u a cyber hug..that was well put..i think that most people ignore this issue and it is something i totally agree with.. i feel L.F has alot he is not telling as well as the nation who's belief structure is most cultic than spiritual anyway..i am very glad to see someone sees this man for what he is and has exposed him for the fake leader he came to be.. in my eyes L.F is no better than the race he preaches aganist.. hetep ashe!...great article


08/20/2002 09:51:38 AM

Farrakhan is a racist. He spreads hatred, distrust, and discord. What a poor representative - unless, of course, Islam really is a hate-filled religion which tolerates no one but its own kind? He talks about the white racist wrongs, but fails to look in the mirror and see his own. What hypocrisy!


02/01/2002 12:54:33 PM

How funny! Its amazing how we have forgotting the history of this great country we live in. The great crimes against Humanity(Natives & Blacks) in the USA & World. USA awaits all chances to string up any and all Blackmen that go against the grain of "public police and security". So how is it that the Min. L.F has sliped threw the cracks of the unjust Justice system of USA? If the had one quark of evidence against this Righteous man they would hang him. I see it like this he is either not guilty of the crime or God has forgiven him. Take it or leave it alone. You clowns are like sheep hard to guide in the right direction and easliy lead in the wrong direction. Matt-7, USA has set her self up to be god over the earth and over the Creator. she breaks laws she sets. 2Thess2. Jesus,Martin,etc. were not welcomed by the ruling body during the time they spoke. This bring new meaning to the saying " blind, deaf, dummies. Check next is Checkmate. may you be blessed with the light of understanding P.E.A.C.E


12/30/2001 05:22:08 PM

whoa, k, this place isn't visited THAT often it appears, but i'll still put in my 2 cents' worth. forgiveness is ok. and we also have the Law. I don't care where you end up in the next life, but you best be repaying the innocents in THIS one for your transgressions. so whoever's against judgement is saying that there's no need for any policing, any court of law, etc etc?? so what happens if i go into a populated area and open fire with my AK47? Would you forgive me if you were the mayor of the city? would you let me roam free still? lemme know if there's disagreement.


12/10/2001 11:56:28 PM

Hey theeyes! It is "He who is without SIN cast the first stone"...... not "He who is without JUDGEMENT..". ANd as far as forgiving a man for something he did so many years back, thats fine. Still, if Farrakhan was involved with X's murder he needs to be behind bars, not leading a religious/political organization.


09/20/2001 03:29:58 AM

Mrs. Dickerson: The question of Mr. Farrakhan's role in the death of Malcolm was best addressed by Malcolm himself. It has been some time now since I last read, "The Autobiography of Malcolm X", but I remember clearly that Malcolm didn't think the Nation was responsible for his troubles toward the end of his life. He indicated several times that certain activities were beyond the scope of the Nation. I find it hard to believe the J Edgar Hoover influenced FBI would work with the Nation of Islam for any reason. Furthermore, I trust Malcolm's opinion of what the Nation was and was not capable of, since he was high in the chain of command. It is worth noting that Malcolm was working on the book while all this was actually happening in his life. Do you doubt his understanding of his own situation? Mr. Farrakhan's role within the Nation in 1965 was not a prominent one. His article may have negatively influenced some of the more radical ex-members, but that is a far cry from committing murder.


09/19/2001 06:51:56 AM

Well, madame the question is were you or I there at the time of this tragic event? Have you or are you a memeber of the NOI? Where is your proof or are you assuming this? If the FBI has no Proof of Minister LF involvement where is yours? You know Christian Ministers can do the same thing and just like Jimmy Swaggert and the rest of the TV Evangelist; the members of that congregation forgives them of there shortcomngs even when the "Ten Commandments" or "The Ten Suggestions" as it is called, say do'nt do man or woman do it anyway. What about you? Why do'nt you go to the mosque and find out for yourself instead going off of he/she said or she/he wrote this and that. That man has put his life on the line for you or are you blind to that fact? Madame not trying to offend you but its time for us to unite, division is the work of satan. "Peace be unto to you"


03/20/2001 01:55:54 AM

I am not a follower of NOI, nor do I have much respect for LF. This must be said though, no matter what he has done, he needs forgiveness. GOD has forgiven those who accepted His forgiveness. How can we then hold that forgiveness back? Forgiveness is NOT condoning. If LF asks forgiveness then give it freely or ask GOD to help you forgive. If he is deceptive in asking forgiveness, it will be turned on his head. GOD repays all according to what is in the heart and according to works done.


06/16/2000 06:21:58 PM

Aside from judging Farrakhan and Elijah Muhammad with overt statements of malice such as "whores and hypocrites", I feel this important unwinding of the truth is eternally relevant to the demise of a great leader or demagogue (depending on your impression of him). It saddens me as much as the next guy to hear that such an act of injustice could occur. Even more alarming is the fact that Farrakhan's fate is free from the what many of us would like to see. I am not saying that this is what he deserves, I just would like some closure and/or justice.


05/22/2000 03:19:10 PM

The unjust murder of Malcolm X by jealous, vicious members of the Nation of Islam, and the great suffering it caused his family and followers, explain why we must respect and abide by the rule of law. Elijah Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan not only put themselves above the rule of law, but also above the laws and tenets of their own religion. Muhammad was a hypocrite and a whore and Farrakhan himself implies that he was an accessory to murder. In short, they are and were arrogant, goddamned vermin who betrayed their faith and their followers so they could destroy the truth and retain their hold on worldly power. Shameful.


05/19/2000 12:42:37 PM

He who is without judgement cast the first stone. Are you so perfect in thought word or deed that you can say these things that you have said? I am not a judgmental person because there is a higher being - call it God, Jesus, Allah - He who created you exists. We have no right but to constantly be in a state of forgiveness of ourselves and others. Because if the world should end one of these days it is not going to end because of what happened years ago and can never be brought back. What about forgiveness sister. What about forgiveness. This is not a question. This is a statement. I do not argue and will not. Read your history and then cast that first stone at yourself.


05/17/2000 12:45:16 PM

Way to go, Debra. You put into such articulate words the heated emotion I felt while watching the "60 Minutes" piece. Shouldn't Farrahkan's admission now warrant a criminal investigation? Forget forgiveness -- where is the justice?