A Thin Green Line

It won't be easy for Louis Farrakhan to move toward orthodox Islam while retaining his Nation of Islam following.


12/25/2002 11:47:21 PM

Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, To say that it is wrong for a Muslim to call one who calls himself a Muslim a non-Muslim is wrong is the biggest pile of lies that have ever been spewed!! It is according to Islamic Law "Shari'a" that it is wrong to investigate one who proclaims himself Muslim "except" in the case in which the person "openly "preaches and teaches" doctrines that are not Islamic!! According to a Fatwa that was against the so-called Nation of Islam given by the "Board of Ulema of the Italian Muslim" believers are bound to investigate the matter, and judge whether these doctrines imply heresy (bid'ah) or apostasy (riddah)!!! In the case of the "Nation of Kufr" their doctrine still maintains that the ex-convict/drugdealer fraud and imposter Wallace Fard/Wallace Dodd was Allah in person which in Islam is considered "sheerk" the greatest sin one could commit that Allah does not forgive!


08/15/2002 12:19:15 AM

Humanity must take resposibilty for our Fates.


05/24/2002 09:25:02 AM

I was born into orthodox Sunni Islam but for the last 12 years had a great interest in the development of the NOI. I have a collection of the Nation of Islam’s audio and videotapes from the mid 60’s until the last Savior’s Day. Many orthodox Muslims have listened to Farrakhan’s speeches for years. Even if we haven’t fully agreed with everything he says we new that he would be the ONE to bring ISLAM to the masses across America. Now I truly believe that he is on the process of bring the NOI into mainstream Islam (Allah-u-Akbar). They have jumah prayers, they fast in Ramadan, they make salah prayers and not just (dawahs) they are going to Hajj. May Allah give Farrakhan the strength to bring the NOI to true Islam and follow the sunna of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Raza


03/11/2002 09:07:49 AM

Bismillah. I would hope that so-called "orthodox" Islam would continue to distance itself from the Nation of Islam. We have our own crosses to bear, and with the help of Allah, we'll do so in His name. No Muslim, follower of Jesus or the Taco Bell dog wants to be associated with a mindset that condones the blowing up of buildings and the killing of innocents. As Salaam Alaikum


02/28/2002 09:04:37 AM

Bismillah! Everything changes. Check out nature. It changes every season. However, the gist of the question is somewhat sinister. It suggests that Brother Minister's illness has resulted in some "softening" of our position as followers of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Brother Minister is most skillful in explaining his own positions, so I won't do that an injustice here. Suffice to say though, the Muslim world has bowed and has been taken over by the West; that's evident. It matters nor bothers us not that some so-called Orthodox, which by the way means "pure" so-called Muslims would like to say we're "haram" in our beliefs and practices. Well, Allahuakbar, in that the light of Islam is now in the West because the East, according to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) would not be of him 3 generations after his passing. Let Allah alone be the judge.


02/24/2002 07:52:28 AM

In more contemporay times we saw the dawa of Sheikh Dawood Sudani in Brooklyn. The truth remains that All needs not to mix truth with falsehood to bring people to his deen he guides whom he wills, this is one of the reasons the Quraish fought our prophet(S) so tenatiously because they knew what he was calling to"the abandoment of all except Allah" Allah guides whom he wills


02/24/2002 07:51:23 AM

Islam is continuing to grow without him. American muslims are finally taking up the responsibility of bringing scholarhip to the west. We have seen the likes of Sheikh Nuh Ha Mim Keller, Dr.Umar Abdullah, Shaikh Zaid Shakir & others. Also I want to mention that Islam was in America far before the NOI. ISlam came before Columbus. African muslims we already there giving dawa to native americans. Significant amounts of Cherokee's & Seminoles had embraced Islam. All one has to do is look at the quite famous pictures of such people & we see them wearing turbans & what not. The last treaty signed between the U.S government & the Cherokee's bore the signature of one chief Ramadan.


02/24/2002 07:42:53 AM

Salaam-ala-nabi I want to just post that in my opinion this meeting between Farrakhan & W.D means nothing. Time & time again he has stated the kalima in an attempt to fool gullible muslims into thinking he has changed, but all one has to do is take a look at the back page of the "Final Call" to see what he really thinks. We must distance ourselves from him & those who associate with him. As the prophet(S) said "He who aides an innovator helps in the destruction of the religion"


01/11/2002 02:15:02 PM

Dear brothers @ sisters All praise to Allah for bringing our beloved brother Hon Farrakhan to the universal tent of Islam. Our brother is probably the most power ful voice for us in the USA. Now, thanks to Allah. this power ful voice will be used to teach the true Islam i.e. brotherhood among races and nations, justice for all and love and respect for every human being irrespective of their religious or ethnic background. In the eyes of Allah, we are all equal, no mater who we are... Muslims, Chirstians, Jews, Hindus or people of any other religion. Hate, in the name of religion, race, language or ethnicity has no place in Islam. And I agree with Hon Louis Farrakhan for paying respect to Elijah Muhammad. Despite all theological diferences between his teaching and the mainstream Islam, the fact remains, he is the man who brought millions to the Prophet Mohmmad PBUH.


12/01/2001 10:29:00 AM

As Salaam Alaikum, No dear family! Farrakhan has not changed,he is still on the very same mission that was assigned to him,by his father,Hon.Elijah Muhammad,it appears to those that are not followers of The Hon.Elijah Muhammad,that he has changed for you know not the mission of Elijah Muhammad,which was to connect the so-called American negroe to the family of Islam.When one takes on a mission a method,formula has to be laid out in advance inorder to be successful,this method was givn to Hon.Elijah Muhammad from Master Fard Muhammad,To whom we believe God appeared himself in the personage of.If you will remember,at one time the so-called negroe knew nothing of Islam,but now our family is embracing Islam,making it the fastest growing religion in the Western Hemisphere,so lets be thankful that Allah is using our brother to grow closer to freedom,justice and equality and for us to be a family again and to live in peace.May Allah bless all of us with a deeper understanding.


07/13/2001 10:09:20 PM

I think after his near death experience Farrakan really wants to follow Imam Warith Deen Mohammed's example and intergrate his fellowship in to orthodox Sunni Islam,however,I believe he does not want to suffer the back lash of being alienated by his those closest to him in the hiearchy of his fellowship who makes up the 'hard liners'who want's to keep hustling scripture for their own selfish gain. Farrakan should just step back and tell everone in his fellowship "I am pointing you to the Quran and Sunnah,I denounce the whole theology based on Master Fard's lessons,I ask you to do the same and I leave that choice with you." and then depart and seek Taleem and Halaqa with Imam Mohammed and even go abroad to Cairo to learn so he can return to be a fiery orater on Orthodox Islam. But Allah knows best.


07/06/2001 07:00:45 AM

May Allah bless Farrakhan.


07/06/2001 06:59:24 AM

The global Muslim critique to the NOI is very uncomforting. Koran says that you have no right to call a Muslim a non-muslim if s/he calls him/her self a Muslim. These guys somehow have to point out everything. Did you know that many Sufis sometimes placed Isa-ibn-Maryam(A.S) instead of Muhammad(p.h.u.h) in the Kalimah. They were also critiqued eventhough no real harm was done. I commend the Nation of Islam for their courage, and others for adapting the true faith of Allah, Islam. May Allah bless us all and give us the courage that Malcolm X possessed.


06/06/2001 03:51:41 PM

That is best left to Allah but what I can say is that if he has changed his followers sure haven't. I recently left the Nation to follow islam the Orthodox way. When I went to a study group meeting one of his followers verbally abused Arab Muslims saying that if you're black and except islam you can't act like an Arab because your not excepting your own kind. Being the Black Orthodox Muslim Woman that I am I kept my mouth shut. I know that Allah will deal with them on His own time. May Allah Bless Farrakhan and his followers.


04/22/2000 01:30:30 AM

Separation as the solution? I don't think so. Although I am considered "black" according to some people, I am also Native American, Irish, Polish,(ect.) Do you want to parcel the 25 percent of me that is black back to Africa?


03/17/2000 05:44:33 PM

that's pretty sick stuff you're spouting