Why Are You Jewish?

Judaism gives you the freedom to find your own path. Judaism has no defined set of beliefs you must follow. You’re free to believe or not believe, and how much to believe. Judaism doesn’t just permit you to think for yourself. It encourages you to do so.


07/08/2013 01:06:05 PM

The article does NOT reflect traditional Judiasm's theology. Jews believe in G-d and that belief is a basic and preliminary requirement to become Jewish, for a convert. In addition, a convert must accept the Torah as the Word of G-d and must accept the validity of the 613 Mitzvot of the Torah, as well as the additional mitzvot of the Rabbis. The above reasons for "becoming Jewish" are fine ideals, but can realized in many, if not most, faiths. What make Judiasm unique is our belief in Torah as G-d's Word, our sharing the desitny of the Jewish people no matter how painful and difficult it may be, as well as the belief in the Final Redemption as described in the works of the Talmud and our Sages. Indeed, the ideals listed above should NOT be misconstrued as Jewish, since this would be offensive to other faiths that carry the same values.