10 Surprising Things about Judaism


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The reason God has two names is because He believes in "Tough Love."

The English names God and Lord are meant to stand for two different Hebrew words in the Bible that are used to identify Him. The reason for the two different names, the commentators explain, is because when He is kind and compassionate He is the Lord – “thank the good Lord”; when He is strict and judgmental He is God – “oh my God!” But why can't He make up His mind? Why would a God of love choose at times to change His nature and deal with us harshly? For the same reason parents from time immemorial have been seen by their children not only as loving but "too strict, too rigid, too stuck on stupid rules." The one line that is probably heard in households around the world from parents to children is, "someday when you get older and have children yourself you will understand." And the line is, of course, repeated from generation to generation. God understands the concept of tough love - but only by combining discipline with forgiveness can we create people who understand they need to be responsible for their actions.

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