Kosher Jesus

Jesus of Nazareth is the most famous Jew who ever lived, yet remains profoundly alienated from his own people.


02/10/2012 12:17:32 AM

Rabbi Shmuley's attempt to garner tolerance from the Christian world is not, in my opinion, a positive thing. Those who watched Mel Gibson's portrayal of the story of Jesus reflects the teachings of the Church. To this day, my co-workers have told me that they hold the Jews responsible for Jesus' death. An attempt to portray this story in a light not accepted by the Christian world will not improve Jewish-Christan relations. Over the past 2,000 years, Jews were encouraged/told/forced to convert to Christianity, and in the end, they were all executed at one time or another. So, even the "ultimate" move by Jews to gain acceptance by the Christian world resulted in their demise. It is, of course, encouraging that Jews and Christians enjoy a much more peaceful co-existence today, especially since now Muslims have a fatwa to exterminate us. However, I think Jews should stay out of the business of telling the story of Christianity, it is simply not our business.


02/09/2012 02:21:37 PM

As the author of "Bridging the Judeo-Christian Gap," I congratulate Rabbi Shmuley on his outstanding book. It may not be absolutely perfect, but it's a great step in the right direction. It's a shame that the great majority of rabbis do not hold the same opinions and beliefs that Rabbi Shmuley constantly expresses. Too many rabbis are still caught up in the "lock-step" of old preconceived religious traditions, and those rabbis are further alienating Jews from the truths about who Jesus really was. Instead, those rabbis attack Rabbi Shmuley out of pure ignorance of the facts. Lastly, I find it amazing that Christians (mainly Christian Zionists) are making greater strides in "Bridging the Judeo-Christian Gap" than Jews.