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Erin Silver, "90210"

90210 - Erin Silver

Half sister of David Silver and Kelly Taylor from the original "90210" series, Erinis West Beverly Hills High School's half-Jewish, bipolar video blogger and writer, who usually just goes by her last name, "Silver." Technically, Erin and David are Jewish only on their father's side, but David openly identified himself with the religion in the previous series.

Among Erin's seemingly wild behaviors include her broadcasts a sex tape of herself and her boyfriend. After being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Silver decides to transfer to a local Catholic high school, in hopes of avoiding the gossip and ridicule that she'd likely face back at West Bev. Ultimately, however, she knows nothing about Catholicism and ends up the prey of more catty torment.

By the end of the season – and after turning down a prom queen title – Silver decides that she'll be coming back to West Beverly the next school year. But her relationship's future is not quite as clear, when she finds herself kissing Ethan, instead of her boyfriend Dixon.

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