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Cyrus Rose, "Gossip Girl"

Desperate Housewives - Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Rose

Cyrus Rose enters the cast of "Gossip Girl" in the show's second season, when he begins dating and eventually marries socialite fashion designer Eleanor Waldorf, mother of the often ruthless but admired Upper East Side high school social queen, Blair. Though Blair initially snubs the short, warm-hearted bald man, she makes an unprecedented decision to turn to Cyrus for relationship advice, and they end up bonding over bagels and lox. Mid second season, Cyrus marries Blair's mother under a gold-fringed chuppah, in a ceremony jointly conducted by a rabbi and an Episcopal priest.

At the wedding, Blair has so warmed up to her new stepfather that she says to friend Nate Archibald, "I'm not maternal, I've just been spending too much time with Cyrus and I'm turning Jewish. Come on, I see kugel."

Toward the end of season two, Cyrus and Eleanor host quite an unforgettable Passover seder. All day, Eleanor had been nervously preparing the details of the seder to appease her mother-in-law, yet a cascade of mishaps disrupt the endless evening. Cyrus – a veteran attorney – shuffles between reading the Haggadah and solving Blair's best friend Serena's legal quandary, an inadvertent teenage marriage during a weekend tryst in Spain.

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