Hope and Encouragement for Tough Times

Jewish leaders and rabbis offer words of hope, encouragement and optimism for tough times.


11/09/2013 08:06:16 PM

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05/15/2011 03:06:08 PM

Being angry with G-d is a useless thing as the Creator is so far advanced from us that we are unable to know very much about him. Being humans, created by G-d, set up in Eden to eat the apple and then still not being able to know what is really going on, if anything, is very frustrating. I have searched for years trying to find some adequate answer in religion and have not yet found anything near satisfactory to my imperfect mind. I am not blessed with faith and cannot don it like clothing. Having "free will" is an oxymoron. The persistance of evil is very distressing, yet Cain, the first murderer, was not destroyed but was protected by the Almighty. So good and evil were genetically inserted into us from the beginning. So are we responsible? It is easy to blane the Creator but what other candidates are there? We Jews do not have a "Devil" to blame for evil. Nor are we like the Zoroastrians whose Creator left the world to be ruled by two equal gods, one good and one evil and equal in power. Do humans really have the choices that we allegedly have? I am far too unlearned to twist my limited intellect around this. Yes, I do get lividly angry at G-d to what purpose? Perhaps S/he is loving enough to absorb our anger when we are temporarily insane with anger and grief. I do not want to blaspheme or damn myself and cannot imagine existing without the Divine Presence. But not knowing and having the knowledge that I cannot know is a conundrum that has plagued mankind since the beginning. Next time I'm told not to eat the forbidden fruit, I shall obey.


11/29/2009 05:15:55 AM

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