10 Ways to Outsmart Sibling Rivalry


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10 Ways to Outsmart Sibling Rivalry

sibling rivalry

By Elicia Brown

Not so very long ago, my daughter’s passions included her Elmo doll, her art projects, and an unfortunate activity she referred to as “the buzz.” With her arms wrapped tightly around the wobbly form of her baby brother, she would open her mouth as wide as possible and lick his head until he cried.

I wondered if these two small creatures who shared my womb, albeit two years and eight months apart, would ever truly enjoy each other’s company.  Four years later, my children adore each other. And abhor each other. But my children aren't the first to engage in a little sibling rivalry (and I am not the first parent who's had to deal with it). Here are

10 simple steps to help us, as parents, lessen the impact of sibling rivalry.

Outsmart Sibling Rivalry: Tip #1...

Elicia Brown is a freelance writer in New York. She also has a monthly column in The New York Jewish Week.

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