Botox, Buddhism, and the Search for Authenticity on Passover

This Passover we struggle to hold onto our past selves and histories, even as we re-invent ourselves.


04/25/2008 10:27:36 AM

WOW! My Passover prep is not that intense - I do what I can as a senior. but I love it. We all need to remember that the out word removal of Hamatz is really a token of the removal of Hamatz (sin) in our lives/hearts where the real cleansing needs to take place. A step in spiritual growth can happen each year. As for the Exodus story being true or not, HEY - I found a DVD titled "The Exodos Decoded" research done my a man named Simhah in Israel - proof even scientific proof is there - we are looking in the wrong time frame - not Ramses, but 2000 years sooner at the time of Hyskos. This research explains the plagues and how they happened in nature - the miracle is in the timing. It is amazing - check it out. It has also been shown on the History channel - I found it at the library.