A Visit to a Matzah Factory

Once a year matzah overwhelms Jews' diets. Ever wonder where it comes from? Take this behind-the-scenes video tour and find out.

Join us on a video a tour through a traditional matzah factory in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and learn how the flat, unleavened bread is made--from start to finish--in just a few quick steps.

The hand-rolled matzah at this bakery is called shmura matzah, which means the ingredients are "guarded" from the time they are harvested until the baking process is complete to make sure the mixture doesn't become chametz, leavened bread. Jewish law precludes Jews from eating chametz during Passover.

Watch the video and learn about the ancient tradition of matzah baking.




matzah from this Brooklyn bakery by calling Lubavitch Youth (718) 953-1000

Your tour guide, Rabbi Mendy Heber, is the rabbi of the Chabad of Brookville, NY.

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