Did the Exodus Really Happen?

Knowing the Exodus is not a literal historical account does not ultimately change our connection to each other or to God.


04/16/2012 02:59:36 PM

Rabbi, how can you simultaneously accept the falsity of the exodus account while holding onto the 'deeper meaning' of its truths? Either the event happened as Moses declared, and we stand on its historicity with the authority of its teachings, or it did not happen, in which case the integrity of the Pentateuch is lost and the rest of the teaching should be rejected. For if it didn't happen, the best we could say was that someone made a mistake, and the worst, that someone intentionally deceived the masses. And neither of these options offers a very stable ground for the feet of faith or the authority of YHWH. www.uthinkology.wordpress.com


10/12/2011 11:40:58 PM

As one growing up and being told to 'believe' the Scriptures in a mostly 'lteral and Historical' way..it has been quiet discomfiting to see it's historical veracity chipped away until it really is hard to believe 'anything' about it. That being said, I often thought, even as recently as this Yom Kippor that perhaps it is time to stop 'Demonizing' the Egyptians as Israel's Slave-masters. That 'tradition' then , serves no real purpose towards making peace on this planet anymore. Is there perhaps a way to celebrate the Holidays and especially Passover, and Forgive the Egyptians for deeds they probably didn't do?? Is it time to stop proclaiming that GOD killed their firstborn and they deserved it? Nobody's firstborn deserves that.


10/12/2011 09:50:49 AM

I my blood lab results came back and I was told that 10% of the numbers are incorrect, I can use any of the lab results? Likewise, if I can't believe the history and geography of Scripture, can I believe anything else? So, if the Exodus didn't happen as written, don't we lose confidence in all of the scriptures? Also, I had read that in the British Museum there are depictions of ancient rulers being victorious in battle. If they lost a battle didn't ancient rulers "clean up" the battleground of all evidence of defeat to avoid tarnishing their reputations?


03/27/2010 12:59:44 PM

Although Rabbv Wolpe introduces the basic reasons why many of us question the historicity of the Exodus, that is not his primary point. Instead, he explains why the "truth" of our scriptures is not contingent on their historical accuracy - a key concept that people of faith must internalize if our religions are going to be viable in the 21st century.


12/06/2004 12:09:17 PM

Maimonides strongly criticized people who insisted that the Bible had to be literally true. Nonetheless, many people still cling to the foolish notion that literal truth is a necessary belief. That is illogical for Jews, since we are not a FAITH based People whose way(s) of life are not based upon any belief. Christians, on the other hand, need literal truth because for them belief is more important than truth. If we Jews are anything, we are the People of Endless Questions. If there is a principle which should unite Jews, it is the refusal to abdicate our minds.


12/05/2004 12:24:30 PM

In this day and age Science teaches as fact that we can from a lower form of life. I have no doubt that I was created as my ancestors. I have have no doubt that Exodus is true.