Make Your Own Seder

Are you conducting your own seder for the first time this year? Here are 20 questions to ask yourself to help you prepare.

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1. Did you attend your grandparents' seders as a child? What did you like most about them? What did you like least?

2. What are the elements from those seders you would like to sustain or revive, to include in your own seder?

3. what are the elements from those seders you would like to discard? How will that make your seder different?

4. Which haggadah was used at the seders you attended? Were they haggadahs you would like to use, or do you want to find another haggadah for your seder?

5. Do you want a haggadah that is more traditional or more liberal? Would you like more Hebrew or more English or a combination of both?


6. Do you want a haggadah that includes gender-sensitive language, illustrations, or activities for children?


7. Have you made you own seder? If not, why? If yes, what kind of experience was it?

8. Which parts were successful and which were less successful? What do you want to preserve, and what do you want to change?

9. Are you a more conservative or traditional person, or do you want to try something different this year?

10. Are there certain parts of the seder you think must be included? What are they? Are there parts of the seder you would like to eliminate? What are they? Would you like to know where you can be creative and still maintain what a traditional seder requires?


11. Are you a more liberal and progressive person? What kinds of changes would you like to try? What issues would you like your seder to include or address?


12. Are you going to be the leader, director, or producer of this seder; or do you have a partner or a team with whom to plan and conduct the seder? Does you partner or team have a clear sense of what they would like the seder to be? Have you shared your thoughts and feelings with one another? How can you include your different ideas and discuss them during the seder?

13. How do you want to divide up the responsibility for the many parts of the seder? Who will be involved in the planning and leading of the seder service?

14. What would you like your guests to bring to the seder? Is there something you would like them to think about, to write about, to talk about at the seder?

15. Who will be responsible for the shopping and the cooking? Who will prepare the ritual foods and symbols?

16. Who will be attending your seder? Will there be young children at your seder? How will you keep the children involved? Will grandparents be attending? Do they have any special needs? Are friends, Jews and non-Jews, attending? How will you help them become a part of the seder?

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