Orthodox Orthography: Why No 'O' in 'G-d'?

When a word represents the sacred, it may take different forms.


02/18/2013 02:36:40 PM

@Muhammad Ramzan Mallah: Thank you for commenting again. I think you evaluated the situation well. The intention behind these actions is respect, and though we may disagree on what the proper outcome is, our various faiths lead us to make these choices with good intentions. Have a nice day.


02/18/2013 02:34:02 PM

@Muhammad Ramzan Mallah: That is your opinion, but for many of us writing G-d brings comfort because it makes us second guess our decision for writing the name. As this article should make clear to you, though we may disagree on the methods of doing so, these different religions (including Judaism by writing "G-d") simply find a way of marking certain names as different with the intention of respect. As such, we all attempt to show respect in our own ways.


11/14/2007 01:03:27 PM

I see the distinction between "G-d" as a general term for a deity and something like "YHVH" as a proper noun. Just for the sake of argument, however, if one is truly a monotheist, then there is only one god to whom the term "G-d" could apply, and therefore it may as well be his name.


11/12/2007 05:54:45 AM

Actually, I think the point is not that the word isn't Hebrew. Its that its not the same word, even with the English translation. God is a classification. Like.. say, 'cat', or 'tree'. The word they usually don't spell out in the Hebrew is an actual name. Its like the difference between the word for 'woman', and the name 'Joan'.


10/01/2004 08:05:29 AM

Not quite. It’s absolute nonsense to suggest that throwing the word “G-d” around carelessly, disrespectfully and pointlessly is okay because it’s not a Hebrew word. What difference does that make? The point of the dash is to not disrespect G-d. “G-d” is making an obvious reference to the supreme being – no matter what name one calls it. Therefore, “G-d” IS G-d’s name, and so must not be written. It’s very simple.


09/21/2004 03:35:07 PM

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09/02/2004 12:55:24 PM

First of all, God is not the Hebrew word for the Deity, and it is that name that we must not write out to avoid desecration. The Protestants who came to America knew of this prohibition, and they began writing the name God with a dahs. For some reason, Jews picked that one up and many also began writing God - G-d. Absolute nonsense. That is not God's name; it is the English word for the Deity and there is no need to be extra kosher by using the dash. It is truly a sign of theological ignorance.