Is Lust Only Natural?

A multifaith guide to lust.


07/16/2009 08:06:39 AM

Hate is not always evil. Love is not always good. There is such a thing as forbidden love and righteous hate/anger. Sincerity is more important than love and confidence since it is defined as freedom from deception. The real root of ALL evil? I think that would be selfishness/love for our ego.


07/16/2009 07:43:03 AM

Very coincidentally good name and comment Lighteningwoman. Very interesting point sdv. Lust really is a very hard test of faith. Lust is a very strong desire, but is big moral weakness. Lust is even more of a big personal, moral, and social issue than the love for money. The base of those very vain, deceitful, and pressuring desires is materialism, though. Repentance is the key. Hypocrisy is usually very selfish criticism from the ego's of others. Repentance starts from within a sincerely humble or remorseful heart. It constantly takes heed to G-d's warning and Final Day of Judgment. It constantly seeks to discipline or lawfully relieve the flesh's desires and sufferings. Repentance is the best approval of (faith) sincere intention. May G-d help purify our hearts and souls in life and in monotheistic faith.


07/28/2006 01:54:49 PM

I'm thinking that the sexual desire is neutral, neither good nor bad. However, if a person separates it from love it becomes lust "Sexual pleasure is morally disordered when sought for itself". Perhaps that is why marriage is so useful for this, because it unites the two concepts and prevents 'lust'.


10/07/2005 05:15:11 PM

how does "Every one who looks at a woman lustfully" become "lust after a person who is not one's wife?" I would argue that lusting for anyone - spouse or not - is sinful. By lust, by the way, I mean viewing them as a sexual object for your own satisfaction.


07/24/2003 03:45:19 PM

Lust is falling for something that in a very short time looses it's luster. To Lust is to fall or desire some thing that isn't Real. Desire is the Illusion, which causes one not to see in Truth. Desire is weakness. In all Nature, the Creator God shows Mankind that the weak are eventually culled. Truth is likened unto a Sword. The Swords that are the very best in the World are folded and molded through fire and water, over 200 times, until it is so pure and so perfect, that it sings it's full strength. Some swords do not complete the process, as they are too flawed, and are destroyed. This is right, for when one goes into battle, one needs a Sword that One (GOD)can depend upon. This is the only kind of Sword that one would want, for a warrior's Life will depend on the Sword he carries. The Sword one carries needs to endure in battle. The Creator shapes His Children, in the same way. We are the metal(Spirits/Stars)that fall from the Heavens and enter the Earth..Bright as the Son/Sun. Peace!