Angels in Jewish Tradition

What the Hebrew scriptures and commentaries say about the role of heavenly creatures in a monotheistic faith.


04/20/2011 01:19:21 PM

Although the word 'angel' itself comes from a word that means messenger, its ‘messenger’ connotation seems to have been so diluted by its modern connotation as a sort of intermediately heavenly being that we tend to think of its ‘deputy’ status as extrinsic to its essence rather than intrinsic. Fortasse ab Ambagibus.


07/17/2006 03:25:21 PM

As for angels, I believe we each have a guardian angel. They are a gift from God to us to aid in our daily lives. Call it intuition or something else, but I have had numerous situations where my angel has intervined, stopping what could have been a serious situation. I find it very comforting knowing I have an angel to watch over me at night while I sleep. I talk to my angel. He also is good at taking special prayers to God for me in times of need, Talk to your angel. You might be suprised what happens !


10/12/2004 10:38:26 PM

Michael ( Mikai'l) told me the end is near. He was born half muslim half Jew. His last name means "kneel before me", His motives are noble his purpose is to avenge, he's the one to play God. Raised in Israel he lives here now. I told him about Koran, he loves it - Koran is art he says. So, I don't know, the mystical experience you say? I'm not laughing but childeren you still are! Also, the western thought will be metamorphisized just by a shift of two words.......


10/12/2004 10:26:17 PM

That's why Israe'l will be no more, (Israe'l one who fight's angels, will never be a state. Instead in the future we will call them simply Judas. Islam will change dramatically, first losing all the traditions, then recombining them with the world's best. Islam - means peace. God will make things right. Me, I just don't want to stand in God's way, I choose the middle path, for me it's Islam, sorry Not the traditional but the essential. Sufis will come to life again to practise essential philosophy and expressing it through poems, recombining their mysticism with some insights of Kabalah's teachigs. To brothers will unite in the end, and will mentor the rest of the world on ethics culture and tradition.


10/12/2004 10:21:02 PM

You want to blame someone blame the whole world, blame America, blame the state of Israel, with it the rest of the Jews unless there are some who would be willing to sacrifice their history and call themselves humans, merely descendants of Israelites (still proud of who they are) and who are not at all in favor of the state. Don't blame muslims, for I am myself, even though a Russian blood. But blame the sensless leaders who call themselves Imams, and terrorists with no purpose at heart except for chaos. Recall the jewish prophet Samuil who told his people that God is their King, yet they did not listen and chose Saul.


10/12/2004 10:19:43 PM

I agree with C-Jacks, only I'm not sure at which point Juesus says Israe'l is no more a chosen nation? If you speculate, then the concept of nation is obsolete. For me religion is one which would include and welcome a person of any ethnicity. Jewish tradition has been known for it's closed doors to anyone else, you could say for sure ignorance is a bliss. But let's not mix the politics and religion at the heart of the middle east crisis. The basis of it is purely politics, religion is practiced as a cover by both sides. Both sides are wrong. God is left out. Those who do listen to God truly, now choose the middle path they don't call themselves Zionists or Martyrs.


09/26/2004 04:27:51 PM

I agree with the previous post whole heartedly...C-Jacks:Who are you to speak for G-D?It is more than easy when one lives in no daily danger,when he does not fear that his infant son or pregnant wife will become the target og some nutjob hell bent on martyrdom.Tuesday morning quarterbacks disgust me.Your post is all bells and whistles-you offer nothing of substance..."uplift the Palestinians?"Only they can uplift themselves. To BKusha who commented onthe similarities of Bahai and Judiasim...Well,the faith in question was founded in Israel also with a combination of all monotheistic traditions...


08/28/2003 03:39:54 AM

When you are thrown out of your own country and scattered over the world for 1900 years, not having a day's peace simply because of who you are, having being treated like a sub-human and survive numerous attempts to remove your people from history, and then to finally return to your homeland and find yourself under attack from your neighbours and the people who settled the land while you were gone please come back here and tell me you would 'uplift' anyoe whose only motive is to drive you out of your ancestral home and push your entire people into the sea. Considering Israel has the capacity to obliterate most of the Arabs within and near it's borders but instead chooses to go after known murderers and sponsers of terrorism I'd say they are being very soft on these people, whose history is one of lies, murder and conquest in the name of their religion.


05/06/2003 01:42:54 PM

the homeland and abiding place for Israel of old, was not to be a piece of dirt in the middle east, it was to be an abiding place in a person, the messiah, Jesus, the christ. He is the homeland, if one is not IN HIM, they are not OF HIM... Just as the temple was not to be a temporal, but an eternal temple, namely Jesus christ.


04/03/2003 08:05:56 PM

Well Chadenim if you are as good a Christian as you say you should remember that Jesus said the Jews were no longer the chosen ones. The support of Israel may be the last thing Jesus would suggest. There is a need to return to the simple concepts of thou shalt not kill and Thou shalt not steal. The way in which Israel came into being is in opposition to the things considered holy. To support it is to support the things that are in opposition to the will of God. Think hard about what the creation of the third temple might represent in the eyes of God. Love? One does not express love by the destruction of the lives of others nor by the taking of their property. The temple should represent the love of God, but to do what the Israelis are doing to create the temple is the antithesis of Love. Love should be uplifting and the Muslims are not being uplifted by the Israelis. Could this be the reason the building of the third temple leads to the tribulations?


04/22/2002 06:41:41 PM

I am fascinated by the similarity with Baha'i teachings. There is a prayer in the Baha'i writings that talks of the "scattering angels of the Almighty" spreading abroad the sweet fragrance of a sincere prayer and causing the heart of every righteous person to throb! There is also much first-hand testimony about the Baha'i prophet-founder Baha'u'llah being visibly red and warm when he would recite the words of God being revealed to him from beyond.


04/19/2002 12:03:07 AM

I am an Evangelical Christian and I support Israel 100%. I believe in the covenant of Abraham. Those who bless them will be blessed and those who curse them will be cursed. The whole Mid-East crisis seems to arise because of a squabble between Isaac and Ishmael and jealousy over who was chosen and who wasn't. Is there any evidence that Israel will incorporate the Dome of the Rock into one of their security zones? That is the type of news that I wish the secular media would concentrate on.