The Rabbi and the Centerfold

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, author of 'Kosher Sex,' has a combative conversation with Playboy's Miss November, Lindsey Vuolo.

SB: And you're close enough to him to speak to him without inhibition about this?

LV: Yeah. I mean, I don't feel uncomfortable talking to him about it. I mean, he's really down to earth.

SB: How would you feel if he had seen the pictures before he spoke to you? If he were a reader of Playboy, would you feel that that's not something that rabbis should be doing?

LV: No, I mean, that's--for each their own. I did Playboy because I didn't think--I mean, yeah, I thought about my religion, but it was for me and I didn't feel like I was doing something wrong.

SB: If you knew the rabbi had seen the pictures, if you knew that he was a reader of Playboy, would you feel that that’s inappropriate for a rabbi or that it’s perfectly okay for a rabbi?


LV: I guess I would think it was okay. I mean, I'm involved in the magazine myself so I don't--

SB: But you're not a rabbi.

LV: No, I'm not. But it doesn't bother me that he would read it.

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