The Rabbi and the Centerfold, Part 2

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SB: But wouldn't you say to them if they said, "I want to be with another person," wouldn't you say to them, "Go to hell?"

LV: I'd be like, "What's your problem? What's wrong with me?"

SB: Right. So you wouldn't put up with it?

LV: No.

What does pornography say to men about women?

SB: Okay. There's one more major theory against nudity and pornography and it goes like this: Pornography robs women of their civil rights and gives a force and degrading portrayal of a whole class of people.

I mean, we're both Jewish; that's what happened to the Jews in Germany. What Joseph Goebbels did was that he portrayed the Jews every day as money grubbing, as dirty, as racially impure, tainted blood, as parasites, as liars and cheats and thieves who want to control the world, etc., etc. Until after like 15 years of being subjected to this, the average German believed it. So when you kill a Jew, they didn't even have any pangs of conscience. It's no big deal. You're actually doing the world a favor by ridding it of such a rodent or such a pest.


So the theory goes like this: That what pornography does is portray women as mindless, stupid, as being there only for men. Bereft of dignity, prepared to take their clothes off for money, prepared to take their clothes off for celebrity. If it's pornographic movies, then it shows women as not needing any kind of romance, not needing intimacy. If it's a magazine, it portrays women as, you know, sure, you have your career aspirations and goals but the moment we put a pot of gold in front of you, you'll just take off your clothes.

So that after a while, it begins to portray women in the same way that racist writers have portrayed blacks or Jews. It gives the impression little by little that women are not intelligent, they have no ethics, they have no integrity. And other writers would go so far as to say in the same way that in Germany this led to the murder of Jews, some would say. this is what leads to things like rape or like beating your wife. You know, a woman says no, it means no. But for the guy, he's watched enough pornography and seen enough movies, read enough magazines that he thinks to himself, no, she means yes because I know that's what women want. What would you say to that?

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