The Rabbi and the Centerfold, Part 2


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When I was high school, everyone was saying I got my chest done because I was really late to develop and people swore that I got my chest done. And I was like we don't live in Hollywood. I'm 17. My parents would never pay for that. I pay for school myself. Why the heck would they get me plastic surgery at that age? People say all kinds of things. People just make up things because--just because.

"The men who write to me"

They think because I'm a Playmate...they think that we're promiscuous. I mean, these men who write me, I laugh at them. These men are old enough to be my father and they are writing to me. Guys old enough to be my dad asking to date me, which is disgusting. Why would you waste your time writing me a letter? You think I'd be interested in dating someone my dad's age? You think my parents would accept that? I don't care if you're a doctor. I don't care if you're Jewish. I couldn't date someone 40 years older than me.

A Playmate's Perceptions
Nervous about talking to her rabbi
On being the object of men's fantasies
Why she said yes to being a Playmate
Does nudity undermine female dignity?
"The men who write to me"
Her views on other Playmates
Comparing herself to Monica

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So there are the intelligent men, who, we're hoping, don't think of women just as objects and that we just want to have sex, think of them as actual intelligent beings, that you know, in this day and age, we're actually moving higher than men, holding higher positions, making more money and being very independent.

"When I met other Playmates at the mansion"

SB: Well, if they're moving up in the world, why do they have to take off their clothes still in order to become celebrities? You said this is a steppingstone.

LV: Because that's exactly what they plan on trying to get it for and they don't care who is going to get it and they don't care what it takes, that's what they want.

SB: The average Playmate.

LV: Well, I'm not speaking for anyone else but I'm saying from what I've talked to the other girls, you know, some of their attitudes are, "Oh, well, I want stardom more than anything. I'll do anything to get it." And that makes me laugh. Like I just--honest to God, the reason why I chose Playboy is if it made a steppingstone for me, great. If not, that's fine, too, but guess what? I don't need the stress of wondering how to pay for school. All of this money basically went to pay for my schooling because I'm paying for my school myself and it is so stressful to know that, guess what? I may not be able to go to school because I don't have enough money.

SB: Okay, but clearly you sound to me like a moral and ethical human being. There are certainly things you wouldn't do to earn money for school, right?

LV: Right.

SB: Would you engage in prostitution for money?

LV: No.

SB: Okay, so here are things you wouldn't do for money?

LV: I know that it seems like okay, well, I took off my clothes so I could have money from Playboy but, I mean, it's to better myself, you know, not to go on to be the porn queen of, you know, Vivid TV or something, or Playboy TV or anything for that matter.

What the other girls that I've talked to use their money for is just like, I don't know, you can't even hold a conversation about anything. Being at the mansion was just like, Whoa, wake up call. I don't want to be involved. I don't want to fall, I don't want to hit the fast track and lose it like they do.

They are my motivation to stay in school, to make sure that I get my degree--I mean, it's upsetting when I've had to turn down jobs because I have classes but I'd really rather be at my class then, spending two hours with, you know, guys that can be a very big drag.

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