The Rabbi and the Centerfold, Part 2

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SB: Okay, theory number two. The second theory again in nudity and pornography is this: You know, in the American South for 400 years there were black slaves. And after a while, when people are conditioned generation after generation to enslaving others, when a white man looked at a black man, he didn't even see a person. What he saw was a walking bale of cotton. He didn't see a human being with their own ambitions, their own dreams, their own pain, their own laughter. What he saw was someone who can get my work done.

A Playmate's Perceptions
Nervous about talking to her rabbi
On being the object of men's fantasies
Why she said yes to being a Playmate
Does nudity undermine female dignity?
"The men who write to me"
Her views on other Playmates
Comparing herself to Monica

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