Hear the Shofar Blast

Listen to the sounds of the ram's horn as you read some thoughts on the meaning of this tradition


08/13/2010 11:52:21 AM

For more information about Shofar and other Holy Temple instruments, we have written extensively on the Shofar and have three websites hearingshofar (dot) com shofar221(dot) com shofar-sounders(dot) com


08/13/2010 11:51:46 AM

Shofar Practice Guide http://www.scribd.com/doc/35518355/Shofar-Practice-Guide?secret_password=2mpn7fel1afj2dg1aegr


10/04/2005 01:40:50 PM

Yes I see what you mean about the shofar's.It is a over powereing affect after reading the artickle on what they mean. I'd heard shofar sounds from telivision,and it was just another horn.But now knowing what it represents,and hearing the sounds of the different,Tekiah,Shevarim,and Teruah sounding is awesome trembling indeed.I felt the sense of Love of caring by God.And the sense of trembling as described knowing He is Judging how I live,think,and do.And also knowing God is always with me/us.The old saying is,if God doesn't seem to be there,guess who moved,You did,Does ring true. Thank You for the artickle!And by the way.The bible says that excepting Jesus makes us born into a Nazarene.Would this make Christians to follow the Jewish ceramonies???? Since Jesus was a Nazerene.We except Jesus,He said follow mans laws,and also the Fathers.Pay God what is God's,and man what is mans(roman law's coin refered to in parable.In the teaching of following God's law and mans law????