Not Quite Reasonable

Judaism has an undeserved reputation for rationality. But reason is overrated anyway.


05/01/2004 09:21:17 PM

If studied carefully one can understand some info of the Trinity and the intense credibility of Jesus.But since you have not experienced His love you reject Him. If you want real satisfaction you should look to Jesus.


09/18/2002 03:48:59 PM

I continue to stand in the tradition of haJaon Saadia al-Fayyumi, haRambam, Rabbenu Bahheya ibn Paquda, ibn Azra, Rabbenu Shelomo ibn Jabirol, Rabbenu Yehuda haLewi, Mori Yehheya Qafahh, Mori Yusef Qafahh, the Mahariss, the Rav, and others who understand Yahhaduth in a rational sense, understanding that superstitions are spurrious and that tales of satan and shedim are just that - tales and illustrations. Oh, btw, Mashiahh ban Yusef is not from the Qabbala - he is actually mentioned by Hhazal in writings that existed before the Zohar.


03/14/2001 07:10:51 PM

I was brought up that we Jews are rational because our actions are not based on Faith. We thought that Jews had followed the kosher laws for centuries and to continue these practices, with some moderation, helped us identify with other Jews across time and provided a bridge to Jews in future generations. It had nothing to do with any BELIEF that God cared whether Jews ate porkchops. When one gains Knowledge, he has no need for Faith. Faith requires Ignorance, and thus, people should never act on the basis of Faith. While we may lack knowledge about what is best in a particular situation, we Jews try to make an educated guess about the best course of action based on the facts at hand. Faith is detrimental to being moral. It is far wiser to admit that we lack knowledge about certain matters than it is to full the gap with Faith. By denying the areas of our ignorance, we are less likely to seek knowledge. Because Christianity is based on Faith, it is inherently irrational.


07/13/2000 07:59:42 PM

mystical Judaism agrees with an experience I had on yom kippur of 92 long before I knew anything about Judaism and six years before I heard the word Kabbalah. Nothing about religion is very reasonable before this experience and EVERYTHING about religion is as plain as the nose on your face after. When Joseph was promised the blessings of heaven and the "treasures of the deep" in Gen 49, God meant he would see what was not only below reason, beyond human reason but GIVE Joseph a BRAND NEW WAY to reason. Moshiach ben Joseph, is the hidden Messiah some Jews refer to in Kabbalah. When you see the mysteries and treasure of the deep, you understand that saying.So why do we need faith? To train us for this very deep dark and very fearful time of seeing LIFE without our human reasoning or feelings. WE SEE THE ID..primordial man. I saw that and without faith we couldnt endure. It may be too late to seek it at that point.