The Myth of Solidarity

Internal divisions always have been part of Judaism. They never doomed the Jewish people before, and they won't now.


10/18/2006 01:00:18 AM

Did Hitler not do enough damage? Through out history We have forever and continually tried to be annihilated now we are doing it amongst ourselves. NO ONE has the right to say whether one is or isn't Jewish THIS is for the Almighty to decide NOT man. When it comes to religion there is NO PROOF OR FACT on how to beleive it is just that, a belief, it comes down to what is right for you, the individual, what gives your own soul peace, therefore NO ONE can say what is right or wrong. Until the most recent generation there are no mixed marriages in my family and there is NO question in my whole of being as to what and who I am. Jewish, and No one can take that from me or say I'm not. What difference does it make HOW you believe as long as you DO believe. If We as a whole do not unite and stop this ridiculous internal chaos, the future Hitlers one day might succeed and accomplish what the past Hitlers have tried, and that can NEVER happen. We are smarter and wiser than that.


02/08/2005 10:36:59 PM

jews have been unified, and will continue to be unfied, so there is some fighting betweend enominations and political gruops but we are all still jews, what family doesnt have its share of fights??


03/10/2001 12:17:16 PM

Left to our own devices in a non-hostile world, we Jews would probably disintegrate into various factions, developing radically different theologies. Then, parts of the Jewish people would stop calling themselves "Jews." They would probably call themselves, hhmmm let's see? how about "Christians" and "Muslims"? Rick


03/06/2001 01:38:44 AM

Shall we ask the Samaritans, Sadducees, and other Jewish groups of the Second Temple period whether their conflicts were as bitter as the rivalry between movements in modern Judaism?


07/07/2000 11:58:05 AM

When God sifts the Jewish people it seems more severe because they are the light of the world. Jews are dispersed to bring that light to all nations, not to huddle together in a corner and strive to keep their traditions to themselves. The story of the golem is not lost on someone with my spiritual understanding, and I won't say anything else about it. What I do not understand is why they so easily forget their own works and blame those they teach. I bless the Jew for I understand their intelligence and spiritual purpose is superior to all nations, but I dont believe the Jews remember what it is. They are in galut because they FORGOT and they FORGOT because they are in galut. To come HOME-teshuvah, they have to put Gods purposes ahead of their own. nothing new in that statment. May the Jews finish their work and watch the GOD OF ISRAEL lift them to their highest purpose soon.


01/24/2000 04:45:50 PM

I disagree with Rabbi Wolpe -- sure, jews have always been fighting, but were we ever this vehement about it? Did we ever see a time when whole sections of Judaism don't consider other sections to even be jewish? Where a Jewish state is being pressured to officially disenfranchise certain sectors of Judaism?