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Politics: Israel and America
Not Ready For Peace
Sharon's ascendance was inevitable--but his downfall will be quick, as the price of continued war grows too high.
By Arthur Hertzberg

Why Sharon?
Israel's new prime minister embodies the idea that security is achieved through strength and firmness, not concessions.
By Elliott Abrams

The War Criminal Takes Over
Israel's insistence on continuing the occupation of Palestinian lands led us to a Sharon government, which is a scary prospect.
by Michael Lerner

Did I Really Just Vote For Sharon?
I know he's a bully, but Barak betrayed the vote I cast for him in '99, and his ineffective leadership has made us need Sharon.
by David Margolis

The Wreckage of Occupation
A letter from Jerusalem the Magnificent--and Hares the Suffering.
by Arthur Waskow

The Temple Mount: Not a Religious Issue
Israel's chief rabbis say Judaism requires Israel keep the Temple Mount, but this is an issue for political leaders, not rabbis.
by Arthur Hertzberg

Ending the Assault on History
Jews' connection to the Temple Mount is deep and inextricable, despite some Palestinians' attempts to deny it.
by Rabbi Avi Shafran

Sharing Our Grief, Burying Our Fears, Sitting Gently with the Land
Only the dead can truly own land, so the Jews cannot claim to 'own' the Temple Mount.
by Rabbi Arthur Waskow

There Are No Jews in Bush's Cabinet. So What?
American Jews have better things to worry about.
by Elliott Abrams

The Moral State of Western Religions
A wave of anti-Semitic violence since the Mideast conflict erupted in September casts a pall on Christians, Muslims, and Jews.
By Rabbi Irving Greenberg

We Are All Joseph Lieberman
Observant Jews are in the public eye these days, and our every word and deed impacts how others view traditional Judaism.
By Rabbi Avi Shafran

Are Young Jews Moving Toward the GOP?
A Pennsylvania exit poll during this election suggests they may be.
by Elliott Abrams

The Mislaid Election
The choice between stability and justice is a false one
by Rabbi Arthur Waskow

A National Unity Government
Transcending ego is the only way to solve our election crisis.
by Michael Lerner

Joe, Don't Speak for the Jews
The intermarriage hoopla underscores the lesson that Lieberman should steer clear of being a spokesman for Judaism
by Elliott Abrams

Taking God's Name in Vain
The ADL is wrong to blast Joe Lieberman's God talk, because religion must play a vital role in our public affairs
by Michael Lerner

It Has Come to This
Profound disappointment, deep frustration, and hardening attitudes among American Jews
by Ira Rifkin

Pray for Peace
God continues to dream of peace, and so must we
by Shai Held

Who Benefits From Mideast Violence?
Extremists on both have gained by the deadly fighting. All the rest of us have lost, perhaps irretrievably, a chance for peace
10/23/00 by Victor T. LeVine

A Time to Atone
Both Palestinians and Israelis have plenty of sins to consider in repenting for the latest round of Mideast violence
by Michael Lerner

Seeing Isn't Believing
The world saw a 12-year-old get killed by Israeli soldiers. But no one seems to ask why children are sent into the line of fire
by Gary Rosenblatt

Trauma on the Temple Mount
The blood of a Palestinian boy calls to us in this season of repentance, when we remember the near-sacrifice of the young Isaac
by Rodger Kamenetz

The Sukkah of Peace
Let's use the festival Sukkot--when we put our faith in God's protection--to reach out to Arab-Americans and start talking peace
by Rodger Kamenetz

America Considers a Jewish Vice President
Complete coverage of the Lieberman nomination

The Triumph and Challenge of Joseph Lieberman
It's a heckuva time to be Jewish
By Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

Black Anti-Semitism Most blacks aren't anti-Jew, but enough are that the Democrats should be worried
By Debra Dickerson

Bad for the Jews, Bad for the Country
Joseph Lieberman has strayed from the best aspects of Jewish tradition
By Rabbi Michael Lerner

Jewish Scapegoat?
With one of their own up for veep, Jews are thrilled. They're also worried that Lieberman's failings could be blamed on them all.
By Tova Mirvis

A Deathblow Against Anti-Semitism
Candidate Lieberman has the opportunity, virtually unparalleled in world history, to strike a blow against "the longest hatred."
By Rabbi David Wolpe

Why Orthodox Jews Are Nervous
Orthodox groups have downplayed Lieberman's religion, while non-Orthodox ones have gushed.
By Ari Goldman

Lessons From Another Jew in High Places
What we can learn from America's first openly Jewish officeholder.
By Rodger Kamenetz

Stronger Than Any Sermon
Joe Lieberman's example proves that putting Torah first is not incompatible with living in contemporary society.
By Eytan Kobre

The Lieberman Advantage
Why Lieberman Was a Smart Choice
By Ed Kilgore

Why Christian Conservatives Like Lieberman, But Won't Vote for Him
Even fundamentalists love his piety
By Rod Dreher

An Unorthodox Choice
Aligned on social issues but sharply divided on abortion, how will evangelicals react to Joseph Lieberman?
By Richard Land

A Choice that Will Alienate Blacks
Blacks may think Gore has snubbed them in picking Lieberman.
By Armstrong Williams

How Jews Win in Christian States
Like Kansas' Daniel Glickman, Lieberman won in a traditionalist Christian state partly by playing against type.
By Gregg Easterbrook

How Will He Play in the Bible Belt?
Despite a few awkward moments, Southerners welcome Jewish politicians.
By Lauren F. Winner

Will Lieberman's Nomination Drive Muslims to George W. Bush?
Actually, many figure that if it can happen to a Jew, it can happen to a Muslim.
By Rhonda Roumani

Want Family Values? Compassion? Vote for the Orthodox Guy
Senator Lieberman's faith gives moral weight to the Democratic ticket.
By Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

Maybe All Politicians Should Observe the Sabbath
Lieberman's religious observance hasn't hindered his ability to serve the public. It may even enhance it.
By Joseph Telushkin

Remembering Rabin
Less than a week after Camp David peace talks collapse, a trip to the fallen Israeli leader's grave takes on added significance
by Michael Kress

It's time to chip away at the Wall of Separation
There is no reason to separate religion from the public square
by Jerold Auerbach

Don't take down the wall of separation
Religious education is vital for this country - but not on Uncle Sam's tab
by Cynthia Ozick

Today's Maccabees
The Seattle WTO protesters are today's Maccabees
by Michael Lerner

Bringing Talmud to an American Court
In a 'friend of the court' brief, Jewish lawyers argue that the Talmud would forbid use of Florida's faulty electric chair

Both Sides of Peace
Understanding Palestinian identity
by Rodger Kamenetz

The Fine Line Between Fear and Hate
A Nazi sympathizer ascends to power in Austria
by Michael Lerner

Painful Ambivalence: A Report From the Extreme Center
There's no good solution to the clash between Palestinians and Israelis. So why is it so many are sure they have the answer?
by David Margolis

What Price Terrorism?
A father sues for justice and fights for peace.
by Michael Kress

Don't Blame God
To make Jerusalem truly holy, we should share the city peacefully
by Michael Lerner

Whose Jerusalem?
A cursory review of religion and history shows that there is not much of a contest between Jews and Muslims
by Daniel Pipes

Jerusalem Syndrome
At Camp David, the city's past was, once again, deemed more important than its future. For some, that's how God wants it
by Ira Rifkin

Whither American Zionism?
The bombing of a Conservative synagogue, allegedly by Orthodox vandals, is the latest wedge between Israeli and American Jews
9/22/00 by Samuel G. Freedman

Spiritual Practice & Beliefs
A Novel Kabbalist
A talk with Mitchell Chefitz, author of a novel about kabbalists and kabbalistic themes.
by Rodger Kamenetz

Guarding the Tongue
Why we should practice right speech.
by Mirka Knaster

Non-Jews and Kabbalah
Beliefnet members weigh in on the trend.

Soul Survivor
Jewish sources don't deal extensively with the question of an afterlife, but Jews believe that in some form a soul lives on.
by David Wolpe

100 Blessings
A Jewish prayer tradition that transforms the everyday into the spiritual
by Mary Beth McCauley

The Green-Eyed Monster
We tend to be discouraged by others' success and encouraged by their failure, but we must work to overcome our envy.
by Rabbi David Wolpe

Principles vs. People
We must not lose sight of people when we observe the rituals and principles of Judaism.
by David Wolpe

Circumcision: A Jewish Inquiry
Is the pain of the brit milah ceremony really necessary in welcoming Jewish male children?
by Lisa Braver Moss

God's Word?
Believers find various ways to reconcile modern biblical scholarship with their faith in the Bible as God's word
by David Wolpe

Letting My Hair Down
Orthodox women must cover their hair after marriage. But after years of struggle, my feminism beat out my Orthodoxy on this one
by Tova Mirvis

Gifts that Endure
On giving time rather than presents
by Sandy Sasso

A Jewish Agenda for the New Millennium
Even though it's not our event, we can still make it meaningful.
by Rami Shapiro The Price of Wal-Mart Synagogues
Big box synagogues don't offer spiritual intimacy
by Rodger Kamenetz

Quieting the Soul
Jewish Renewal blends Yiddishkeit and yoga.
by Marilyn Marks

A Wing and a Prayer
Prayers can come alive, despite the difficulties
by David Margolis

The Fad That Would Not Pass
The spirituality craze indulges only the self and fails to help improve the world
by Arthur Hertzberg

A Reply To Rabbi Hertzberg
There is nothing narcissisitic--or non-Jewish--about the spiritual quest
by Rodger Kamenetz

Is Anybody Listening?
Prayer remains a vital component of our religious experience, even if God does not swoop down to remove our tumors
by David Wolpe

Living in the Image of God
Jewish law envisions a future in which all human beings are treated as infinitely valuable, equal, and unique
by Rabbi Irving Greenberg

Not Quite Reasonable
Judaism has an undeserved reputation for rationality. But reason is overrated anyway.
by David Wolpe

Defending Mechitza
Why men and women should sit separately in synagogue
by Rabbi Steven Greenberg

The Holy Chariot
Listen to audio of Rabbi David Cooper explain this Kabbalistic idea. 5/29/00

A Plea For Personal Prayer
Lets teach kids to pray from the heart, not the prayerbook.
by Rodger Kamenetz

Not By Belief Alone
Unlike Christianity, Judaism cannot be defined by a set of beliefs
by Rabbi David Wolpe

Spirituality Is Not Flaky Mush
Religion need not be reactionary and spirituality need not be fluff--though there's a lot of both out there
By Michael Lerner

Why Jews Don't Accept Jesus
An answer to Christian missionaries
by David Wolpe

Perfect the World
How to live in the image of God
By Irving Greenberg

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