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Holidays & Lifecycle Events
Complete Hanukkah Features
Articles, quizzes, songs, and more.

How Much Do You Know About Hanukkah?
Take the trivia quiz.

Overcoming Christmas Envy
How a free menorah, tossed at me as I stood outside my 12-step meeting, helped me learn to appreciate Hanukkah.

by Maia Szalavitz

A Hanukkah Message for Today
Jews in every age have found their own unique meaning in Hanukkah. What's the best Hanukkah lesson for today?

by Rabbi Irving Greenberg

Passover Offerings
Beliefnet's complete list of features for Passover

Passover Primer
Holiday basics.

Seder in the Himalayas
In the land of exiled Tibetans yearning for freedom, a seder gathers Jews and non-Jews from around the globe to mark Passover. By Rodger Kamenetz

Teaching Tales: Elijah's Favorite Seder
A Jewish tale about where the true meaning of Passover is found.

My Parents' Seder
Political idealogues can interpret the seder however they want, but at an early age, I learned what the seder is really about.
By Arthur Hertzberg

"I Have a Story About Slavery"
An interfaith Passover seder recounts the old story...and some new ones.
By Johanna Skilling

Miriam's Goblet
In a new tradition, many Jews are adding a cup of water in memory of Miriam next to Elijah's cup.

All Who Are Hungry
"All who are hungry come enter and eat," the seder beckons. After enslavement to anorexia, I am ready to heed those words.
By Ilana Kurshan

The Seder That Wasn't
Jesus' Last Supper as recorded in the New Testament was not a seder as Jews know it today. So do interfaith seders make sense?

The Matzah Mitzvah
Why we don't eat unleavened bread all the time.

by Rodger Kamenetz

The First Question
Mute at the seder, a young girl asks it at Easter lunch the next day.
by Arthur Magida

Passover Hypocrisy
Jews should heed the words they say at the seder--or stop saying them.

by Michael Lerner

Interactive Seder Plate
What it all means and how to do it.

Passover Renaissance
Everyone's having a seder, and everyone's is different.

by J.J. Goldberg

Beliefnet compares Haggadah editions, traditional and modern.

The First Question
Mute at the seder, a young girl asks it at Easter lunch the next day.

by Arthur Magida

Who Wants to Marry the King of Persia?
On Purim, we remember an earlier version of the recent television special. Only this time, the ending is quite different

by Andrew Silow-Carroll

A New Stage of Revelation
Purim, with its reluctant heroine and moral ambiguity, is the perfect holiday for the post-Holocaust world 3/27/00
by Rabbi Irving Greenberg

Are You in the Purim Spirit?
Take this quiz and find out

Mardi Purim
There are many similarities between Mardi Gras and Purim, and nowhere are they clearer--or more fun--than here in New Orleans.
By Rodger Kamenetz

Tisha B'Av: Mourning Judaism's First Calamity
Judaism's Saddest, Most Ignored Day, By Rabbi Jennifer Krause
Who Wants the Temple Back? By Saul Austerlitz
Rising from the Ashes, By Rabbi Arthur Waskow

Menorah Meditations
With a series of meditations on the true meaning of the Hanukkah lights, we can add depth and meaning to this Festival of Lights.
by Rabbi Arthur Waskow

The Gift of Spuds
Curing holiday loneliness, one latke-eater at a time.
by Michael Kress

A Hundred Lights for Hanukkah
by Johanna Skilling

Dance of the Moon and the Sun
As Ramadan makes a rare appearance during December holiday season, let's share the light of this special time of year.
by Rodger Kamenetz

Kvetching Around the Christmas Tree: Her Side
An interfaith couple struggle with their first Christmas under the same roof.
by Heidi Rehak

Kvetching Around the Christmas Tree: His Side
An interfaith couple struggles with their first Christmas under the same roof.
by Howard Lovy

Handling the Holidays in a Two-Faith Family
Raising kids in one religion is possible in our interfaith household
by Sally Stich

'Put on Your Yarmulka, Here Comes Hanukkah!!'
A Hanukkah quiz

Hanukkah Sing-Along
From the candle-lighting blessings to the reggae version of a traditional holiday melody, listen to some great Hanukkah tunes.

What's Hanukkah?
What's the right greeting, and how important is the holiday?
by Arthur Magida

The Last Bat Mitzvah
Amid the rain and cold, a father finds the light and meaning of his daughter's bat mitzvah.
by Rodger Kamenetz

Complete High Holiday Coverage
Articles, recipes, advice, features, information, and other resources about Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret, and Simchat Torah 10/17/00

The 12 Days of Rosh Hashanah
The 18th of Elul is a special day in Hasidic history--and a special day to begin spiritual preparation for the new Jewish year
by Rodger Kamenetz

The Chain of Tradition, Reversed
My parents weren't religious, until I turned them on to Judaism. Now I must decide how to pass the tradition to my children
by Emily Bazelon

Empty Pockets
One woman's unique celebration during the High Holidays
by Johanna Skilling

Still One People
Will this be the year that Jews make peace...with Jews?
by Rabbi Daniel S. Brenner

All Vows Forgiven
While mourning the death of her husband, a widow reflects on the poignancy of Kol Nidre
by Lisa Schamess

To Live and To Love
The lessons of Yom Kippur revolve around eternity and fidelity
by David Wolpe

Feast Over Famine
The festival Sukkot shows Judaism's emphasis on enjoyment over asceticism, making it the perfect holiday for our affluent times
by Rabbi Irving Greenberg

The Heart of the Sukkah My first Sukkah, coming soon after the death of my son, provided a place to mourn and a place to heal
by Rodger Kamenetz

Family Questions for the High Holidays
Everything you and your kids want to know
by Rabbi Jane Rachel Litman

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Primer
Don't know tashlich from tishrei? Don't understand why your Jewish co-workers seem to take off an awful lot this time of year?

Sukkot and Simchat Torah Primer
So you made it through Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur--now what about those other autumn holidays? An overview of Sukkot and Simchat Torah

Plan Your High Holiday Menu
Recipes, traditional and innovative, to spice up your High Holiday meals

Hear the Shofar Blast
Listen to the sounds of the ram's horn as you read some thoughts on the meaning of this tradition

Our Father, Our King
Listen to the traditional High Holiday melody, Avinu Malkenu
Performed by David and the High Spirits

For Our Sins
A modern day confessional prayer
by Michael Lerner

Casting the Sins
Suggestions for making the old Rosh Hashanah custom more sin-specific

The Sukkah of Peace
Let's use the festival Sukkot--when we put our faith in God's protection--to reach out to Arab-Americans and start talking peace
by Rodger Kamenetz

Gifts that Endure
On giving time rather than presents
by Sandy Sasso

The Mitzvah in Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
Children saying no to lavish parties, in favor of charity and volunteer work.
by Suzanne Borden

Sharing God's Fruitfulness
Tu B'Shevat--Jewish Arbor Day--was established on an ancient tithing day, showing that giving is a vital part of abundance.
By Rabbi Arthur Waskow

Plant a Tree for Tu B'Shevat
Celebrate the Jewish New Year for Trees with this ritual

Jews and Baby Showers
Are they okay?
6/1/00 by Adam Katz-Stone

Jewish Love Day
Who needs Valentine's Day, when there's Tu B'Av?
By Shmuley Boteach

'Haven': An excerpt
A prayer of survival born amid the Holocaust.
by Ruth Gruber

Debating the Holocaust Pope

  • Pius XII Was No Nazi:Far from being 'Hitler's Pope,' Pius XII was a heroic defender of Jews during World War II. Why is this good man being defamed? By Ralph McInerny
  • Power and the Papacy During the Holocaust: The book 'Hitler's Pope' argues that Pius XII cared more about consolidating power than saving the Jews. By James Carroll

    A Silence That Speaks Volumes
    An 11-volume Vatican-sponsored report on Catholics and the Holocaust fails to mention Poland.
    by Arthur Hertzberg

    The Power to Madden
    A "deceptively simple" documentary sheds light on one of the many who stood by as millions were killed in the Holocaust
    by Arthur Magida

    Troubled Memory
    An elderly Holocaust survivor confronts a Holocaust denier, and a historian takes note
    by Rodger Kamenetz

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