Why the Hijab?

What is the Hijab? What do Islam and the Qur’an exactly say about modest clothing for women? What does Islamic dress exactly entail? Why do some Muslim women cover up while others don’t? Beliefnet explains!


11/09/2013 08:06:50 PM

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08/11/2013 11:25:18 AM

I have not read the Koran but read somewhere that it teaches to keep the face uncovered. One would suppose the niqab is contrary to its teaching.


07/23/2012 10:41:36 AM

Sadeq is correct. The author inserted ideas when speaking of what the Qur'an says on the issues of women's dress. It says nothing about covering the hair, it only says to cover the bosom and to lengthen garments...basically to cover the bosom and dress as appropriate given one's context. Khimar does NOT = "hijab" as the veil covering one's hair. The famous hadith regarding showing only a woman's face and hands is ahad, which means it is doubtful regarding its authenticity and should not be considered as definitive in making rulings as to the covering of hair being an Islamic duty. A dissertation was recently accepted at Al-Azhar university in Cairo regarding the issue of the hijab as NOT being an Islamic duty. I highly recommend searching for articles related to this dissertation.


04/25/2012 08:32:52 PM

Brother Sadeeq, I would highly recommend that you consider the Qur'an in the Arabic language is what she has specified here is indeed what is present in the Qur'an. It is also highly forbidden to claim to stand for the truth when you are not so sure of it yourself :) This is the advice I'm giving you. And may allah indeed forgive us all.


10/07/2011 08:24:25 AM

The writer of this article has created a grave mistake in stating Qur'an 24:30-31, "- highlights three points: That a woman shouldn’t show her beauty except when faced with uncontrolled factors, like the wind blowing her clothes; that the headscarf should cover the hair, neck, and the bosom; and that women need not cover up in front of certain men (husbands, fathers, sons, etc.)." NO WHERE IN THE QUR'AN IS IT WRITTEN THAT " the headscarf should cover the hair, neck, and the bosom..." NO WHERE IN THE QURAN IS THIS WRITTEN! If your goal is to quote some Hadith then you should make this point clear that you are quoting sources other than the Qur'an as reviled by/to the Praised One. IT IS A GREAT SIN TO ADD TO OR CHANGE THE WORDS OF ALLAHS MESSAGE! ALLAH PROTECTS THE QUR'AN. YOU SHOULD CHOSE TO QUOTE EITHER HADITH OR QUR'AN SEPRATLY AND NOT TRY TO TRICK READERS INTO THINKING THEY ARE ON IN THE SAME OR IN UNANOMOUS AGREEMENT BECAUSE THERE ARE MANY CONTRADICTIONS WITH AND IN THE HADITH, BUT THE QUR'AN IS FREE OF THESE ERRORS AND FALSEHOODS. '-May ALLAH bless us and guide us and our community to success on this earth and acheivement of his ultamite paradise! Humdullah! "...they should draw their veils/hijabs over their bosoms and not display their beauty..."