Ramadan Don'ts

Don't Shop for Food While Fasting

Holiday Weight Loss Tips

Ideally, one should make all of his or her food shopping before the start of Ramadan. The reason being...if you enter into a food store or, worse, a wholesale club like Sam's or Costco, while fasting, it may be an excruciating experience. Everything in the store, suddenly, becomes appetizing. Even if you have a specific shopping list, which I HIGHLY recommend, there are so many other things that you simply must purchase: ooooh, chocolate covered caramel nut clusters; ooooh, wavy sour cream and onion Lays; ooooh, pink frosted donuts; ooooh...ooooh...ooooh...

Pretty soon, you will have hundreds of dollars of food in your cart, most of which you will not eat at all. So, if you can avoid it, don't go food shopping while fasting. If you can have a non-Muslim friend or neighbor do it for you, even better.

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