Getting Ready for Ramadan in the Summer

Forgive Yourself for the Dread

Sunrise through the trees

It was inevitable: due to the fact that the Islamic calendar is lunar, it was inevitable that Ramadan was going to fall during the summer months. There is no need to remind anyone that this means that days are long, the days are hot, and the nights are very short. It is normal to feel a little dread. Fasting is difficult; God knows this, which is why there is such tremendous reward for completing the fasts. In fact, God says in a Prophetic tradition: "Fasting is for Me, and I Myself give the reward for it." This is assuming, of course, that there is no medical contraindication to fasting. The challenge is to overcome your fears and fast anyway, and through this, one can attain to piety.

Hesham A. Hassaballa is a Chicago doctor, writer, and Belienet blogger. He is author, most recently, of Noble Brother: The Story of the Prophet Muhammad in Poetry (Faithful Word Press)  You can read more at Common Word Common Lord.

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