The Case Against Torture Tactics

In the war against terror, evil never plays fair. But we should hold to a higher standard then our enemies: We should not use torture techniques against suspected terrorists and detainees.


05/26/2009 12:55:56 PM

On the interrogative cruelty of the guiltily evil US of A in its fight against the cruelty of those liberally held to be innocently evil : Consider the Redcoats, in ethically traditional phalanx, marching against the non-phalangeal colonial ranks of snipers at the ready. While the former thought the ancient mode of intercommunity warfare to be some kind of moral imperative, the latter thought it a farce. There's a parallel here which is easily missed by sheep endowed with blinders. Consider the priest in the '50's 'World of the Worlds', who, with open arms of love and hopeful understanding, openly approached the enemy. Needless to say, his fate was foreordained by galactic traditions are other than our own. Fortasse Abambagibus.


By Hesham Hassaballa

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