How Hajj Makes for the Moderate Muslim

Hajj is one the greatest equalizers for Muslims. So instead of pushing Pakistani, Afghani, or Iraqi Muslims towards extremism through war efforts, why not put U.S. dollars into helping them go for the Hajj?


12/06/2010 05:05:44 PM

I am a female African-American Muslim. I do not think President Obama should authorize payments for anyone to make HAJJ. People should spend their own money & meet the Islamic requirements for making HAJJ. Money well spent could go for classes on Islam to be attended by multi-cultural, multi-religious attendees.Terrorists come from all backgrounds, countries& religions.A person, country, tribe or religion who lies or distorts teachings is a terrorists.Unfortunately sometimes lies grow because the ones who know the truth are afraid because of tribalisn to tell the truth. Adi Amin will answer to Allah for his misdeeds. The Janjaweed will answer for their mis- deeds. The people who instituted key day in Palestine will answer for their deeds. The Taliban& ElQuaida will answer for their misdeeds.The Zionists who aren't really about religion will answer for theirmisdeeds. Moderation is the key!


11/16/2010 11:57:39 AM

Of course, this idea will seem preposterous to Islamaphobes, who think that Islam itself is the problem, not the solution. It would be possible to use the Haj as a Propaganda tool for Islamic extremism. Anything good and powerful can be perverted by Evil people. Nevertheless, I think the idea has merit. Malcom Shabazz (AKA Malcom X) renounced the hatred of White People after his Haj. And the Saudis have a program that rehabilitates terrorists by having them read the Koran with trained scholars. Unfortunately, Obama couldn't pay for this kind of thing without driving Fox News crazy, even if it worked.