American Muslims Denouncing Terrorism

Every few months another story hits the news: Terrorist plot uncovered, Muslims implicated. Since the tragedy of 9/11, Muslims have remained under intense scrutiny, and more than a few Americans have called the religion "evil." People still wonder: Why aren't Muslims saying--or doing--enough to condemn terrorism and violence? Is Islam really a religion of violence?


10/26/2011 04:05:19 PM

If there is truth to this article, then the only force to blame for the error it decries is the so-called balanced American news media for their failure to inform us. If not, then perhaps the American Muslim indictment of terror in the name of Allah is bit too softly spoken, maybe even timidly so, an understandably fact.


12/15/2010 07:29:05 AM

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09/11/2010 11:19:49 PM

Good Muslims as well as all Good Christians, Jews, and what not should be OPEN and WORK TOGETHER AS A GROUP AGAINST ANY THING THAT THREATENS OUR PEACE AND UNITY HERE AS A UNITED COUNTRY.


09/11/2010 11:17:48 PM

We didnt have this problem with the Muslims in this country until 911 occurred. Fears were stirred up. And of course condemnation of the entire religion came to be. I DO feel that Muslims SHOULD MAKE IT KNOWN TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC who are yearning for answers to COME FORWARD AND SPEAK.......I do wonder if the Good Muslims are afraid of their counter parts in terrorism and will in turn TURN on them. I hope not....WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER,,,this is what cause all the problems in this world. Miscommunication, No communication , unwarranted anger and hatred that leads us to dangerous confrontations that lead no where but to despair, depression and misery for all.


08/17/2010 03:50:09 PM

I see no statements clearly denouncing Islamic Terrorists, in fact I see efforts to skirt the subject. As in an interview on New York WABC radio in June 2010, Abdul Rauf said, "I'm not a politician. I try to avoid the issues. The issue of terrorism is a very complex question... I am a peace builder. I will not allow anybody to put me in a position where I am seen by any party in the world as an adversary or as an enemy."


06/23/2010 01:40:51 AM

Terrorism must not be identified as an organization itself; however, terrorists are actually the main body of the organization. It is actually a form of using uncanny schemes to cause a lot of fear to the civilians for cause of selfish fight for the so - called rights. I believe that they have useless proposition to whomsoever they want to understand their objectives in doing a lot of terrorism. There are numbers of terrorists around the world and we cannot really pin point their identities. Right judgment should also be employed in complicated issues like this. ------------------------------------ All 24/7 News


04/25/2010 05:57:43 PM

i was looking for statements of Muslims denouncing terrorism, like the title said, but Ingrid Mattson's comments are far from that: "Americans should turn off the TV and look for opportunities to get to know their Muslim neighbor, because it will alleviate a great deal of fear and anxiety. ... " how is that denouncing terrorism? it seems to be passing the burden of responsibility on non-Muslims if they don't fully trust their Muslim neighbors? she should be preaching to people of her own faith, who obviously need the message more than non-Muslims.


01/10/2010 11:21:15 AM

The violent people of this world will not win their angry fight over religious differences. If they do not understand this simple fact of spiritual life, their souls will never see the light of heaven; they will be cursed in infinity! Islam is becoming, to many, as the evil religion and there will be certain negative consequences for them, either here on earth or in heaven. The casualties will spill over to the loving and law abiding Muslims. To he evil ones: Make your choice and make it now before it is too late! My prayers go out to the innocent Christians of Malaysia and to all those who live in Islamic countries. Allah, perhaps has led his people down the road that Satan travels? The violent ones will never have peace! As for the Muslims who reject terrorism, your voices need to be heard on a much higher pitch of condemnation. Your violent terrorist brothers & sisters must be denounced by Islam in unison. Please start by teaching your young and counseling your disenfranchised, potential Islamic terrorists.