Why Islam is Winning

Though the West isn't paying attention, Muslim leaders continue to separate Islam from terrorism. Maybe it's time to wake up.


11/19/2008 09:40:43 AM

The problem is, that the media has driven Muslims into the limelight, and not in a good way. The terrorists are hurting non-muslims as they are hurting muslims. They are blowing them up in their own country and they are smearing the Muslim image in every other country. My family hates the fact that I am thinking of converting to Islam, why?? Because they think that I am going with the enemy against my country, America. And when I argue with them, telling them that what they see is NOT ISLAM, they say that I am "changing into a terrorist". Do you know how bad that makes me feel? They are terrorists, that is it, terrorists. They are just using Islam to gain followers. And it is really sad. I pray to God everynight, to stop the terrorists, and let the beauty of Islam be seen again!!!


08/24/2008 09:11:08 PM

I fail to see how Muslims feel that they are doing enough when most of the terrorism in the world today involves Muslims as perpetrators and usually as Victims. I track this regularly and don't recall any reference to the Deoband Declaration. If Muslims had been as outspoken and effective as the author claims, they would be able to take some credit for the relative "peace" in the world today. There have been no terrorists attacks in Iraq in days, and today, none were recorded in any of the media I track. For Iraq, then I must give credit to the surge and dedicated people like Canon Andrew White.


06/18/2008 11:22:56 PM

The Deoband Declaration was featured prominently at the anti-extremist site Jihadwatch.com. Here is the link: http://jihadwatch.org/archives/020161.php The problem with the declaration, as with many such purported Muslim condemnations of violence against innocents, is the definition of who exactly is "innocent" and what exactly constitutes "terrorism." For example, Israeli civilians are almost always deemed "combatants" -- and therefore viloence against them is considered OK and not terrorism. The head of Al Azhar said this. Shiites are also often deemed OK targets. When probed, therefore, most of these condemnations are empty and not enough. Definitions of "terrorism" and "innocent" must be provided in detail.


06/08/2008 11:24:22 AM

Unfortunately many Muslims like to blame thw West for the Muslims killed by Islamist Jihadist terrorists who defile the Name of Allah(SWT) by their murders,kidnappings,suicide bombing and other greedy and vicious "ganster"actions when the responsibility is that of those who condone or are silent about the wickedness of the Islamistjihadist apostates fromThe ALl Merciful and All Compassionate


06/04/2008 09:01:24 PM

By constantly acting in a reactive manner, Muslims who apologize for the acts of others, merely promote more in the "cause" of those who erroneously proclaim that there isn't a concerted effort on behalf of Muslims to condemn senseless acts of violence in the name of Islam. Furthermore, those Muslims who continually play to those purveyors of mis-information mantra, would be advised to read our Holy Book and plead their case to said pundits exactly what the Qur'an means by "...then strike terror in their hearts..."


06/02/2008 01:43:28 PM

Thank you Hesham. I condemn terrorism and condemn those groups who propagate their own agendas in the name of my religion. It is wrong. God is the only judge, so instead of using the Qu'ran to pass judgment on others, we should use it too improve ourselves. Kill the things inside of ourselves that lead to the separation between ourselves and God. Hate increases the gap. Love strengthens our bond between God and between each other. Peace will prevail because those of us who love will continue to struggle against those who push fear.