In the Name of Allah's Law

How should Muslims implement Sharia (Islamic) law? Let's heed the lessons from Pakistan's Lal Masjid tragedy.


10/04/2011 03:46:45 PM

In reference to herself and her fellow believers, The MOTHEROFHASAN, claims that “we are told to stop fighting non-Muslims when they believe.” In other words, she seems to be saying, Muslims must fight all non-Muslims until all non-Muslims have become all Muslim. Sounds like a prescription for divinely authorized violence against the infidels.


10/02/2011 05:33:27 PM

Real Islamic Sharia is very humanistic, peaceful & tolerant, full of justice, harmony and last but not least- love for all hatred for none. Please do go to for more genuine knowledge and for the sake of food for thought.


10/02/2007 10:50:59 PM

Rules of Engagement I don’t find in the Qur’an a mandate to start a war with non-Muslims. We are told that there should be no compulsion in religion (2:256). If we are told to start a war with them for no reason other than that they reject faith, we would have a contradiction. There are verses that tell us to fight against tumult and oppression (2:194), or fight those who drive us out of our homes or who fight us for our faith (60:1). I believe the confusion is that we are told to fight them until they believe. Since God forbids that Muslims should be at war with other Muslims (49:9), it should not surprise us that we are told to stop fighting non-Muslims when they believe. If extremists really believe that God has given them a mandate to fight non-Muslims until they accept Islam, why do we see so much in-fighting among Muslims?


10/02/2007 10:50:22 PM

Understanding the Holy Qur’an Hassaballa mentioned Qur’anic verses that have been used by non-Muslims to condemn Islam as a religion of violence and evil; these same verses have been used by certain Muslims to justify their hatreds and their love of war. Hassaballa told us that these verses have context and an explanation. Strangely, he did not feel it important to share any explanation with us. Promoting a better understanding of these Qur’anic verses is the best hope we have of changing our community and, thereby, changing the way others perceive us.


10/02/2007 10:49:46 PM

The Terrorist Disconnect I certainly appreciate Hassaballa’s efforts to disassociate terrorism from Islam. I was, however, disappointed with his line of reasoning. It would be great if labeling terrorism a crime would allow us to tuck it away some place. Or perhaps by calling terrorism twisted and evil we could make it so reprehensible to every human being that no one would dare go near it. But these terrorists believe they are called by a power that is sovereign and absolute. How can we, then, hope that they will ever be swayed by the laws or pronouncements of any earthly power or person?


09/22/2007 06:26:51 AM

I agree with usama. I also don't understand iane's remark about a Zionist plot. But aside from that, there are many Muslims in the world without benefit of literacy and education. They are unable to read the Quran in Arabic or even a translation into their own language. As a result of this, their knowledge of Islam is very limited. The situation in Pakistan is very volatile. It is a heavily populated country with a very high illiteracy rate. Until this changes, it will remain a poor country and prone to violence, and most importantly, subject to being governed by dictatorships such as Musharraf's. Pakistan holds elections, but they are a joke.


09/11/2007 05:39:19 AM

There is no state, nation, or society today which represents Islam, including representing the comprehensive application of Ahkam Sharaa. The Ahkam Shara: Divine Laws, are different from Shariah: the collection of all Islamic laws. Instead, unjust and corrupt regimes have claimed to implement Ahkam Sharaa when they have only implemented portions of this or that to placate and fool people, but absolve themselves and their regimes from being accountable to Ahkam Sharaa. They make the laws for themselves different and above the Divine Law. I reject Iane's claims as simply ignorant. The Lal Masjid massacre was a heinous act by a brutal dictator too weak to even respect the lives of his own subjects.


08/30/2007 01:47:52 PM

If Sharia ia so holy, how come every country that adopts it (Iran, Sudan) degrade into social sewers? Oh. I forgot. Must be the work of some Zionist plot.


08/28/2007 12:54:51 PM

Why do Muslims demand Freedom of Islam in the West but harshly repress freedom of Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism in the Middle East?