Jerusalem Diary: A Mission to Heal

A Muslim surgeon chronicles his two-week trip to the holy land, where he will work with kids and get to the heart of religion.


04/25/2011 08:27:05 PM

Dr. husain is to be complimented for his trip to aid the truly suffering children. If he witnessed any of the rockets fired into Israel from palestine or the suicide bombings by the terrorists then I am sure he would understand why travel checkpoints exist and see that the priorities of hamas in buying weapons takes precedence over caring for the citizens and children.


01/17/2007 11:09:03 PM

If only many others ,including myself could catch a glimpse of the Unity and Muslim life. His story is remarkable. I recently converted to Islam and it's the greatest thing I did in all my life. (signed) A Muslim from Louisiana.


01/16/2007 10:12:16 AM

What a fascinating diary. To see the city through the eyes of this doctor has been very interesting. I have lots of sympathy for the Palestinian people, but I was happy to read the doctor's last comment--that he wishes he could talk with Israelis as well to see what think about all the conflict in the region. Lots to learn. Lots of faith