Fasting Friends

During the Islamic month of Ramadan, why are some non-Muslims fasting? The reasons--and people doing it--may surprise you.


10/16/2006 12:10:14 PM

I, too, fasted before I ever considered converting to Islam. The fast has many purposes, one of which is useful to us all: to remember those in the world who live every day of their lives in hunger and thirst, and to be thankful for what we have been given by God, knowing fully that He gives and takes according to His will. Fasting is old and universal, and it cleanses both the body and spirit, and humbles the being. It is a rest, and a turning-away from the material world and toward the spiritual. Alhamdulillah, this is a gift to us.


10/07/2006 06:02:46 PM

'assalamo 'alaykum Come on Angelfood. If you read the Bible you know that Jesus said that there is One who will come after Me. Is it not possible to read the Bible and the Quran and see beauty in both? Fasting is not something yu tell everyone about, it is between you and Allah. Fasting is in the Bible and the Torah, so it is not some new "fad". inshallah


10/07/2006 06:28:50 AM

According to islam every human being is born in a state of fitrah. So it maybe that those no muslims that are fasting may be guided by their fitrah. I myself fasted for half ramadan the year before I became a muslim. And ALHAMDILILLAH it served me to reconcentrate in what it is most essential in life. Also let not forget that fasting had been prescribed in the torah and the bible as well.


10/05/2006 03:14:37 PM

I think it is wonderful, that none Muslems are fasting this Holly Month of Ramadan. I think it teaches you disapline, and it teaches you to understand what others go through everyday, such as home less and those around the world who are just plain hungrey. It also teaches you what you can live with out. Mosle moslem Wemon go with out the daily cosmetica, and other beuty products durning Ramadan, and those who smoke abstain from it. Wow what a good way to quite smoking. What ever the reason, those who fast along with Moslems, congradulations to you.


10/05/2006 11:41:56 AM

godisindixie, where did you hear that rubbish??? The Prophet Muhammad never worshipped any other than the one God. Whoever gave you that misinformation should be ashamed.


10/03/2006 11:43:18 PM

I try to fast every year for Ramadan. Jesus fasted. Buddha fasted. Moses fasted. I feel the sacrifice of fasting shows your love for God and provides spiritual cleansing. It also is an exercise in self discipline. After all, how much do we really give up for God? It is also, during Ramadan, a spiritual unity with others who love God. I'm United Methodist. I fast every year for Ramadan.


10/03/2006 04:41:39 PM

I think it is really neat how so many people are coming together for fasting. It must really encourage unity in spirit, especially w/ Yom Kippur this year...I hope to join in in 2007!


10/03/2006 04:18:47 PM

I am a Christians I don't lable myself as a non-muslim. Christian. I am not trying to push the idea of interfaith, don't believe in it, different beliefs. what I do believe is the teachings of the Bible and the words of Jesus and I don't believe the words of the Quran or the words of Muhammad, so what's the interfaith here? Fast because muslims are fasting, come on give me a break!


10/03/2006 02:20:44 PM

She could not conceive a child so she said to abraham go sleep with Hagar the maid...So HE did though married and a sin to adulturize.... Wrong, grammatically as well as in context. Having more than one wife as well as having concubines was common and not considered inappropriate in those times, plus, Sarah specifically told Abraham to have a child with Hagar.


10/03/2006 02:13:22 PM

They believe in Jesus and love him...BUT they see HIM as a man Not Thee Son of GOD...They believe Mahhamed to be the Savior... A british Christian who became muslim said that JESUS said one will come after me to take my place....SO that is where and why they believe Mahhamed is Savior... The split came when Abraham devided possesions to his children.... the youngest his wife was blessed was Israel..the oldest by Hagar the maid is Ishmael I believe... any way the eldest is suppose to be the best of lands...BUT it was given to youngest because He was the marriage child.... So that is the war for centuries a fight between relatives...YES muslims are a tribe of God's children..


10/03/2006 02:04:38 PM

The split came with MAHAMMED the Prophet...HE was an Holy man by latter times he turned to idol worship as well as pray to GOD.BUT he brought foorth the koran muslims live by and the virgin deal they die for in GOD's name. THEy believe this was given by GOD so they follow it....


10/03/2006 01:52:02 PM

2) Why did I say sex as well.....IF you know you have sinned doing that or any can say yes Lord I will fast from this sin....I am seeking answers...or fasting to Praise you... Muslims are GOD's Children too... from what I learned.... ABRAHAMS had a child by Sarai(became sarah) She could not conceive a child so she said to abraham go sleep with Hagar the maid...So HE did though married and a sin to adulturize....any way he had son by Hagar......well oldest son by Hagar is Isaac.....youngest son by Gods miracle to Sarah as a blessing is Israel..... when Abraham blessed and passed possesions to his sons..HE gave the youngest his marriage son the birthrigtht that usually goes to oldest son....SO down the line the good of GODs blessing...and the bad of sinners blessing...BOTH are God's children of the tribes of Jerusalem sons...


10/03/2006 01:42:31 PM

YES it is a Christian thing to fast as well.... WE are not to show that we are fasting...YOU Know look hungry..grumble OH my belly hurts...I wish i could eat that...NO thanks I am fasting... It is a time you have between you and GOD... a time you put trust in HIm to take care of your needs...HE feeds you SPIRIT to control the hunger and thirst...wheather it be from,food,drink,television,sex,spending....whatever the fast is between you and GOD... It is a deep Spiritual connection...too Praise GOD....TO get better pray for an answer or something asked for....


10/03/2006 12:01:43 PM

Ooops, my bad. "...To think of the hungry and less fortunate..." -- not the "less" hungry, duh.


10/03/2006 12:00:07 PM

Ummmm, Merlock? Why fast if you're not required? Why is fasting "annoying"? Read Isaiah. It's supposed to be a spiritually enriching fast. Yes, we're told to afflict our bodies but also our souls. It's to make us think of the less hungry and the less fortunate; it's to make us refrain from treating ourselves physically in order to concentrate on the spiritual.


10/03/2006 08:28:57 AM

Christians are also exhorted to fast and not make a big show of it for then our Lord says that is our reward. I think it is great that Muslims and Christians would fast together . Praise God for all his children


10/03/2006 08:24:56 AM

Whatever breeds tolerance and respect between peoples and traditions is very welcome.


10/02/2006 09:37:20 PM

Don't think it's "weird" that non-Muslims are fasting for Ramadan. It's nice, for the various reasons pointed out in the article, whether to show solidarity, learn about the faith, political reasons or just because. Maybe we should all dabble in each other's religious practices to see what it's like -- once in a while.


10/02/2006 09:08:32 PM

Well, fasting hurts no one. And it can be a way of expressing a particular point of view (Gandhi did it with great effect). Islam and Judaism encourage it for religious purposes, and if one wants to follow it for those reasons and others as well, more power.


10/02/2006 09:05:03 PM

"Interesting that people seem to have picked the most annoying of spiritual practices as the one to adopt unnecessarily." Yeah, no kidding. This is definitely weird.


10/02/2006 08:01:51 PM

This is interesting; while not Jewish, I did a kind of mini-fast today because of Yom Kippur...unless you count the one or two times I forgot I was supposed to be. :-/ Interesting that people seem to have picked the most annoying of spiritual practices as the one to adopt unnecessarily. God bless.