The Power of Muslim Women

The most influential Muslim women from around the world hashed out the problems of the Muslim world. Now comes the solutions.


03/08/2011 05:34:59 PM

This is excellent that the world's most influencial women had to get together. In my opinion," the hand that rocks the cradle , rocks the world" is true to everything that phrase denotes.A women is always multitasking , and sets the standard followed by her children and grandchildren, therfore , if we educate our women, and teach them how to interact with the rest of the world and all the other religious groups in the world, we can have peace and harmony throughout the world.Everything in this world against Islam is about not understanding what Islam is all about, Islam is totally misunderstood by the world, all Islam means is PEACE, and the world only learned of Islam through some Terrorists and this is an insult to the REAL ISLAM.


05/02/2009 03:18:26 PM

Great initiative. This is true face of Islam for women..., may many good things come from it. In peace, globalnomad (a female convert to Islam)


12/01/2006 10:44:16 AM

"The women divide up geographically: Africa, Europe, Middle East, and two North America groups. " I am surprised. Where is Asia?


11/27/2006 10:05:28 PM

I wonder if the rest of the Muslim world will pay attention to this ground-breaking meeting of Muslim women. I guess it depends on what these women take back from the meeting, and what comes forth of all the things they discussed. I hope something does come of this Shura Council. Sounds like a good idea.


11/22/2006 07:46:43 PM

It sounds like an excellent meeeting and they probably need a lot more like it, leading up to some kinds of action.