On Par With God

Some may find it surprising I would find God at the golf course. Yet, for me, it's only natural to see God everywhere.


06/19/2005 04:21:24 PM

imdancin, Don't get me wrong. I like his articles & I, too, believe that God is everywhere. He could have told us about his experience golfing & I would have found it funny & amusing! But he didn't. he told us about finding God in golf! Again, I know God can be found everywhere but do we really need to write such articles about that?! First, finding God in a song [which happens with me a lot.] Then, finding God in a golf game. What's next?! Finding God in a BBQ party?! P.S: I love how simple & pure his concept of God. May he & his family be blessed!


06/18/2005 07:21:12 PM

venarsis........this guy has s sense of humor. I found it refreshing and funny. He is right, God is everywhere. Even in the bunkers, an sandtraps.......I know I've spent a lot of time there.


06/16/2005 04:15:53 PM

Reminds me of the younger Priest who asked the older Priest if he thought there would be golf in heaven, to which the older Priest replied; "Well, lad, sure 'n it wouldn't be heaven if they didn't have golf, now would it?"


06/16/2005 02:56:49 PM

So far, this is the least of all of Dr. Hassaballa's articles that I enjoyed. Not that I don't like golf or spirituality, but to mix them both in an article like this gives me the feeling that he didn't have something else to talk about! I know you can do better than this doctor, so keep it up! God bless you ...


06/15/2005 08:40:04 PM

Another wonderful article, Dr. Hassaballa, you had me smiling and chuckling to myself over your first attempt at playing, :-). Everyone start's out this way, just practise, practise, practise! It's too expensive for me now, so I'll stick with mini-golf, Salaam


06/15/2005 02:39:48 AM

My husband took me golfing for our first date. Parked the cart next to a sprinkler head and I got drenched. Loved the game ever since. I happen to be partial for my 5 iron, I use it for EVERYTHING. Tee shots, sand shots, I even putt with it. And say, I particularly like the beverage cart that comes around to accommodate those who are thirsty. :)


06/14/2005 04:42:44 PM

Where are all the Bnetters? I doubt on the golf course. Thanks for the wonderful note about a game that I took up late in life, but now play just for fun and fellowship. I identify with the walks in the woods, the shrubs and sad looks at the waterhole that just gobbled up my best ball. I recommend it for those who have lots of time, patience and money (and don't like to play at the same time and place that I do.)