God's Plan Includes All Faiths

Could we all just take a big, deep breath before we resume screaming at each other?


05/24/2005 12:12:59 PM

Pure Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. Most of the Muslim terrorists fight for different reasons. Prophet Mohammed sent an army once to defend the new-born Islamic empire. He asked the army: Not to kill an innocent person. Not to kill a child. Not to kill a woman. Not kill an elderly person. Not to kill a priest or a monk. Not to kill an animal. Not to cut a tree. Not to kill a fighter who drops his weapon. Not to kill a person who escapes to his house. Not to demolish houses, churches, or temples. I don't think Bin Laden & his people represent Islam. They just represent evil which by the way, has no religion!


02/11/2005 06:46:10 PM

"Muslims say theirs is a religion of peace." Yeah, who cares what "they" say. You obviously know more about their religion then they do. I'm sure you get the most unbiased sources of information possible. "These same Muslims say Jihad isnt really a holy war, like the Koran states it is." You understand classical Arabic? You speak it and understand the different meanings of the words? Tell me, what is the Arabic word for "war"? What is the Arabic word for "holy"? "So tell me if Islam isn't the driving force behind attacks worldwide what is and was?" Ignorance, and it comes in all shapes and sizes. Islam didn't invent evil, violence, or fanaticism. It's an aspect of human-nature (and believe it or not Muslims are human and are capable of all the things that non-Muslims are capable of, good and bad).


02/11/2005 06:45:46 PM

"After 9-11, Bin Laden was considered a folk hero to most these countries." You know for a fact those these countries in their entirety consider him a folk hero, or certain people? That's news to all the Muslims I know, here and abroad. "The terrorist actions were cheered in Iraq and Libya with 78% of Palestinians supporting the attacks." Palestinians are not Iraqis or Libyans. The 78% of Palestians include Christians. Also, you forgot to mention people in non-Muslim African countries and South American countries who also "cheered." See, Muslims are not the only people who hate Americans, and Americans are not 100% blameless in what happens in the world. It's a little more complex.


02/11/2005 06:31:58 PM

imdancin, if you are implying that most Muslims support terrorism then you have not justified this mathematically. There are over a billion Muslims worldwide. The US government claims there are about 20,000 members of al Qaeda. There are about twice that number of non al Qaeda related Islamic guerilla/terrorist groups. There probably the same amount of monetary sponsors (both Muslim and non-Muslim). Fundamentalist sects, whose theology may or may not be used to justify this sort of violence, account for about 5% of Muslims. So, I would say that it is quite correct that these are fringe groups, as over 90% of Muslims have nothing to do with this. Or, are you saying that all Muslims are in some way guilty and should be blamed and/or implicated in terrorism?


02/08/2005 05:19:53 PM

"After 9-11, Bin Laden was considered a folk hero to most these countries." I live in 'one of these countries' (Saudi Arabia) and all but one of the Saudis I know think bin Laden is a raving mad maniac. His own father disowned him long before 9-11. Saudi is one of the most pro-Western states in the Middle East. The extremists are constantly bombarding the ruling princes with death threats because of this. The soldiers who guard my British compound are Saudi Muslims. The Western residents are well protected behind special doors and steel gates; if anyone dies in a terror attack, those soldiers will go first. So many Muslims evidently translate the word 'jihad' very differently to how imdancin believes. As the sergeant on gate duty said to me two weeks ago, "Our jihad now is to protect the innocent."


02/06/2005 09:56:06 AM

MapleLeaf, Thank you for the clear information and perspective. It only bears out what I said earlier--no one faith has a monopoly on terrorism, and each faith must start reining in and re-educating the fanatics among them, who cause so much harm to others and to the name of the faith that they wish to honor but only desecrate.


02/05/2005 12:14:45 PM

A link to statistics which support my claim on terror incident distribution: http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Terrorism/tergraph1.html


02/05/2005 12:06:47 PM

Vast amount of terrorists are Muslims...that kind of idea is widespread only because those are the attacks that are focused on by the media. If you look at the data, one can see Latin America is usually is a leading region for terror attacks but no one really pays attention so the evidence is ignored. Second, where in the Qur'an does it state that jihad is anything but striving (in all ways)for God? The Qur'an makes it very clear the rules for war (harb), rules that reflect most Western peoples values (proportional and ONLY in self-defence against combatants-with mercy and peaceful resolutions always being the better option-i.e. violence only as a last resort). Jihad doesn't mean holy war, it means one's personal struggle to lead a good life....the idea it means holy war is again another idea perpetuated by media ignorane of Islam.


02/04/2005 11:19:31 PM

Tony Blair once said that the vast majority of Muslims are not terrorists, but it is equally a fact that the vast majority of terrorists are Muslims." The thing is, that most states that the U.S. calls terrorist states, like syria, Lybia, sudan, Iran, fall within the Muslim world. While many American insist that the terrorists are fringe figures- the evidence is that they enjoy comfortable support in their part of the globe. After 9-11, Bin Laden was considered a folk hero to most these countries. The terrorist actions were cheered in Iraq and Libya with 78% of Palestinians supporting the attacks. Muslims say theirs is a religion of peace. Muslims say that those who killed in the name of Allah are not true Muslims. These same Muslims say Jihad isnt really a holy war, like the Koran states it is. So tell me if Islam isnt the driving force behind attacks worldwide what is and was?


02/04/2005 01:37:42 PM

buns, I agree. I think it applies to all religions. There was just embarrassed silence from the Christian community when the Right Reverent Paul Hill murdered a doctor who provided abortions. By their silence (or qualified distancing of themselves while approving the motive), they gave assent to murder in the name of religion. This is why I have repeatedly said that the crisis in religion is NOT between this faith and that faith, but between the rational people and the fanatics within each faith.


02/04/2005 10:53:30 AM

BS"D It may look like a Moslem crime, but a criminal murderer is a criminal murderer, despite their religion. The ones who murdered the Christian family were eveildoers using Islam as their excuse to do evil. While Islam worldwide is not directly responsible for the murder, it IS responsible for allowing murderers to use the Quran to justify evil actions. Such an insane interpretation of Quran could not exist to fruition if it were not fostered by a significant number of like-believing Moslems - enough to commit the crime. Like any insane murderous cult, the evildoers and their fellow cult-members must be brought to justice and removed from human society.


02/03/2005 12:16:31 AM

Yes, I too thought taqiyya concerned lying in the hope of avoiding religious persecution. However, this business sounds rather more like some sort of entrapment or a family feud perhaps. Offhand, I'm not sure why I would want to pretend to be a Christian in order to "get strong" on a bunch of Bible-thumpers down the street – if I have properly misapplied the jihad watcher's definition of taqiyya. In addition, a review of Surah 103 might lead a person to imagine that relying on lies is more likely a formula for loss. "By time, mankind is at loss – except for those who believe and do good and advise each other to truth and advise each other to patience." (Quran 103:1-3)