Why I Want to Be a Jedi

As a Muslim, I know our troubled world needs Jedi principles--honor, discipline, service, and devotion to a higher power.


05/20/2005 04:21:46 PM

Hey Daniel :) I actually see no problem with the idea of pursuining Jedism as a philosophy or even a faith. As someone says elsewhere "all religions have their scriptures, this one just happens to be on celluloid". Granted, it's exagerated but the principles of the Jedi are well worth adhering to.


05/17/2005 10:16:25 AM

There is a Jedi faith, as well as a Jedi philosophy. If you understand that the light sabers and telekinetic tricks are just fiction, if you do not feel the need to dress up in a strage fashion, but wish to learn about the pursuit of good through work and study, if you wish to live by strong principles and take strength from goodness and hope, you can be a Jedi. There is even a Jedi Board here at BeliefNet, and everyone is welcome. Just look under "http://www.beliefnet.com/boards/discussion_list.asp?boardID=51974" or simply click here. May the Force Be With you.