Save a Life, Save All Humanity--Take a Life, Kill All Humanity

What the Islamic scriptures really say about jihad and violence.

For years Islamic terrorists have justified their actions as beingcompelled by their faith. Osama Bin Laden reportedly thanked Allah when he heard the news of this week's attack. Other terrorist groups invoke Islam aswell. Hezbollah, the name of one militant group, is the Arabic word forParty of God; Hamas is the Islamic Resistance Movement.

Are the terrorists who cite the Qur'an distorting the spirit of thereligion or depicting its emphasis accurately? Here are several of theQur'an passages most frequently cited, and analysis from Islamicscholars.

On Jihad or "Holy War"

Chapter 2, verse 190: Fight in the cause of Allah those who fightyou, but do not transgress limits; for Allah loves nottransgressors.


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