I'm an American Muslim--And I'm Afraid

Please, let's not let suspicion run rampant.

Yesterday, like many others around the country, I felt my heart sink, my throat tighten and my eyes fill with tears. How could this happen here? This act of terrorism and the loss of life are something that as a nation we can't understand--and it leaves us vulnerable and scared. We have lost loved ones and friends. Our security and safety have been invaded. We cannot even begin to understand how someone could orchestrate such horror.


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I feel afraid, not only for America at large, but for a specific group: American Muslims. Because I am one.

I'm not really worried about myself. I blend in with most others on the street. I don't look particularly "ethnic," since I'm fairly light-skinned and I don't wear a head scarf. But one of my close friends here in New York wears

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