Hakeem Olajuwon A Ramadan Interview

One of the NBA's all-time greats, Hakeem Olajuwon talks about the gift of Ramadan and finding peace in Islam.


03/09/2004 11:29:09 PM

he's for sure one of NBA'S all-time greats, he's the best shot-blocker of all time..


07/12/2003 02:28:23 AM

Hakeem, i hope you're going to get to read this but you are a true inspiration to me and you make me feel like i have been in the dark all this while because i'm a college student and my shedule at school cannot even be compared to yours yet, you still find time to pray and fast while i make up excuses for not praying or submitting myself to the almight (Allah). You have uplifed my spirit and i'll always remember and remind myself that if you can carry out your duties as a muslim with all you busy shedules, games etc, then i can do even better. Thanks!You're my biggest role model.


11/08/2002 02:45:55 PM

I honor anyone who finds a way to connect with the Beloved, no matter what path that seems to take. And there are many paths, because the true size of God/Allah is infinite, can be approached from wherever one begins, whatever words one uses, whatever text one uses, whatever ceremonies, prayers, rituals or fasts, the Beloved is always there, patiently waiting for us to be even the slightest bit open. For me, some religious laws are meaningless, but who am I to question the meaning to another? Who am I to question any path that brings any person to communion with That Infinite, All-Encompassing Essence? Salaam, Shalom, Peace


02/22/2002 05:19:54 PM

Hello This is getting ridiculous. We donot know who is going to hell or heaven . Only Allah can decide and we can do our best. I also donot agree that christains following the real teachings of Christ must come to Islam. This is no where in the Quran or Hadith. On the other hand quran clearly states if people of the book had really followed the real teachings of torah and gospels , God would have given them abundance . Prophet Muhammad also said when some one came to argue about religion that I am comfortable in my religion , are you unconfortabe in yours. A true muslim who has real understanding of the quran knows that an enlightened one can be a follower of Moses, Jesus or Muhammad and other Prophets who had to earth. We are not to make any differance between them. As for the argument that previous deitary law is not incumabant on the christains , my answer is that eating pig is forbidden because it is bad for one 's health and for no other resaon.


12/21/2000 02:48:50 PM

lapsed agnostic: well, now who's being arrogant. our souls aren't in danger any more than the Prophets Moses, Aaron, Jacob, Adam, Abraham and Jesus himself: they all prayed to One God. So if my soul is in danger because i refuse to bow to a man, then I'd be more than happy to go where ever these true monotheists go on Judgement Day. By the way - it is Christians who have cause to fear: unless you give up this false worship it is YOU who will lose your souls. We all wait and see ...


12/11/2000 07:05:31 PM

bigelliot: Thanks for your compassionate and thoughtfull reply. I hope that I didn't insult anyone's faith in my post. I merely wished to point out that Hakeem was not being accepting of other, specifically Christians, beliefs in a way that some would find offensive. I don't claim to know the mind of God regarding dietary laws and I respect your, and Hakeem's, opinions on these and other theological matters. Judaism, Christianity and Islam all share a belief in Holy texts and, st some level, each Religion rejects the possibility of other legitimate representations of God. To say to Christians that those who follow the teachings of Christ will come to Islam is offensive. I'm not demanding that anyone change their beliefs or even claiming the correctness of one. I'm just suggesting, hopefully with respect, that some sensetivity be shown to the faiths of others. Peace.


12/11/2000 05:21:49 PM

btw, the leviticus reading--yeah, it says not to eat pork. and yeah, it's the same scripture from which we get the laws of Kashrut. It's just that in the New Testament Jesus says that keeping kosher is no longer important if your faith is there. Reminder--I'm not saying keeping kosher is not important for "christians", because Jesus was a Jew. This point is one of many that eventually led to his crucifixion. So get your own details right, you as*. this crap can get thrown back and forth forever, with no clear "winner", so best to stop it now. Just be accepting of others' beliefs, and take what they say with a grain of NaCl if it doesn't jive with your own. That's what a church is, right? A gathering place for people who share the same OPINIONS regarding their beginning, being, and ending? Ignoramuses really get to me. I apologize.


12/11/2000 01:39:35 AM

Dear Hakeem, It is clear that you truly love God and that you attempt to serve in the best way that you know. I honor your devotion to God and your sincerity. I find some of your comments on Christianity offensive, however. Don't be so quick to lecture on a faith of which you have only superficial knowledge -- you are sure to insult many who love God just as sincerely as you do. You don't understand the Bible's teachings on dietary law or the Trinity or prophesy - In fact, a careful reading of the Holy Bible will show the observant that Islam is the teaching of a false prophet and the souls of believers in Islam are in danger. I don’t pretend to know the answer to this but my experience of God’s infinite love and compassion suggest that he accepts your worship, despite your confusion regarding the Lord Jesus Christ. I would ask you to consider carefully before heaping insults on Christians. May the Lord lead you in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.


12/07/2000 11:59:18 AM

Dear Abdul-Akeem,Asalam Alaeka, Whenever I hear about you,Iam always happy that an African in your personality is doing all this for the grace of the continent and also for your life as a concious muslim. May Allah continue to strengthen you in faith and bless your household Amin. muhylad@yahoo.com


12/06/2000 10:25:34 PM

i luv basketball and im glad too see that one of the basketball players is muslim god bless u and i wish u the best.And im glad islam is a hobbie for u besides basketball.Keep the faith in god.


12/02/2000 07:24:38 PM

Hakeem, You're a true role model. You show true understanding of both Islam and how traditions can sometimes be confused with it. I wish all Muslim people would come to the same realization. You make me proud brother, thanks!