Muslim Groups Accuse Lazio of "Anti-Muslim Bigotry"

FREMONT, CA, Oct. 31--Nine national American Muslim and Arab-Americanorganizations on Wednesday condemned what they say is "anti-Muslim bigotry" comingfrom the campaign of New York Republican Senate candidate Rick Lazio.

Group leaders say Lazio used deceptive campaign tactics aimed at incitinghatred and hostility towards American Muslims. Those tactics includedconducting a "deceptively-worded" phone campaign seeking to link First LadyHillary Rodham Clinton, Muslim groups and individual Muslim contributors tothe tragic bombing of the USS Cole.

The joint statement reads:


"We condemn Rick Lazio in the strongest-possible terms for his deceitfulaccusations about American Muslim organizations and individuals. In adesperate bid to win November 7 elections, Mr. Lazio is trying to turnMuslims into 'the Willie Horton of 2000'. He is telling New Yorkers thatMuslims are guilty by virtue of being Muslims. This reprehensible tactic isdesigned to malign the entire Muslim community and to lock its members outof the political process. His scurrilous campaign is an attack on democraticnorms and on our constitutional rights.


"We also condemn Lazio for his racist logic. It is the same logic that wasused to conceptualize and justify the internment of Japanese Americansduring the Second World War. The 'Japanese Relocation Order of February 19,1942 was based on calling into question the loyalty as well as the humandignity of those American citizens who had a different ethnicity and adifferent religion.


"We call on all Americans to just say no to Mr. Lazio's anti-Muslim racismand ask that political leaders of all parties take a stand on this issue.Failure to speak out against Mr. Lazio's recent actions and statements willsend the message that there is room for racism and bigotry in America."

Signed by:

Dr. Agha Saeed, American Muslim Alliance

Dr. Sayed Sayeed, Islamic Society of North America

Mr. Omar Ahmad, Council on American-Islamic Relations

Dr. Ashraf Uzzaman, Islamic Circle of North America

Dr. Maher Hathout, Muslim Public Affairs Council

Dr. James Zogby, Arab-American Institute

Mr. Khaled Saffuri, American Islamic Institute

Mr. Shafi Refai, United Muslims of America

Mr. Aly Abuzaakouk, American Muslim Council

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